CONFERENCES for 2009 - 2010

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February 2009 Prayer and Power Conference

Sunday Words and Exhortations MP3

Sunday PM Sermon Judge Yourself - Dave Roberson MP3

Monday Words and Exhortations MP3

Monday AM Sermon Communion with the Holy Ghost - Gary Carpenter MP3

Monday PM Sermon Keys to Edification - Dave Roberson MP3

Tuesday Words and Exhortations MP3

Tuesday AM Sermon Overcoming Discouragement - Gary Carpenter MP3

Tuesday PM Sermon God's Heart for the Lost - Dave Roberson MP3

Wednesday Words and Exhortations MP3

Wednesday AM Sermon Traditions, Strongholds, Impasses & Other Delights - Gary Carpenter MP3

Thursday Words and Exhortations MP3

Thursday AM Sermon Don't Follow The Pattern of Asa - Pastor Jim Martin MP3

Wednesday Words and Exhortations MP3

Friday Words and Exhortations MP3

Friday AM Sermon Surrender to the Process - Gary Carpenter MP3

Jason Hamlin conference - God's Vision For Your Live

1  Have You Lost Your Dreamer? MP3
2  The Importance of a Vision MP3
3  Receiving and Developing a Vision MP3
4  Why Do You Need a Vision? MP3

2010 Australia Conference

Acknowledgement or Agreement MP3

God's Life, God's Word, Our Faith MP3

The Holy Spirit and Our Faith MP3

Faith and the New Nature MP3

Faith and Your Destiny MP3

Faith and Your Belief MP3

Faith and Perception MP3

2010 Prayer and Power Conference in April

Sunday Morning -
Exhortation on Worship MP3

Offering: Blessings and Prophecy Fulfilled MP3

Sermon: Confronted with Truth MP3

Sunday Evening -
Prayer and Change MP3

Monday Morning -
Covenant and Sacrifice MP3

Monday Evening -
Offering Ministering Unto the Lord MP3

Forgiveness, Prayer & Communion MP3

Tuesday Morning -
Spontaneous Worship & Prophecy MP3

Exhortation on Worship MP3

Offering: Is the Lord Your Shepherd MP3

New Covenant and Priesthood MP3

Tuesday Evening -
Peace for the Trials MP3

Offering: Paul's Confidence MP3

Exhortation on Gifts MP3

Wednesday Morning -
Word: Live is the Platform MP3

Offering: Paul's True Message MP3

Only One Covenant MP3

Wednesday Evening -
Word: Guard Against Seeds of Deception MP3

Offering: Need-Meeting Giving MP3

Tursday Morning -
Baby Dedication MP3

Offering: Sending Them Forth MP3

Understanding Your Covenant MP3

Tursday Evening -
Offering: God is the Supplier MP3

Worship and Confession for Change MP3

Friday Morning -
Offering: Obedience in Giving MP3

You're On The Right Path MP3

Friday Evening -
Offering: God's Benefits to Us MP3

God Works Through Us MP3



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