CONFERENCES for 2011 - 2012

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2011 Prayer and Power Conference in April

Sunday Morning -
Offering Come to My House First MP3

Sermon A Communion-Ready Heart Pt 1 MP3

Sunday Evening -
Offering Give Because You Love Jesus MP3

Sermon A communion-Ready Heart Pt 2 MP3

Monday Morning -
Offering Do the Math MP3

Sermon Don't Mingle the Covenants MP3

Monday Evening -
Prophecy I am Preparing to Move MP3

Offering It's About the Gospel MP3

Sermon Praise and Revival MP3

Tuesday Morning -
Offering Paul's True Message MP3

Sermon Love is Pruning MP3

Tuesday Evening -
Prophecy Anointing Through Worship MP3

Offering Blessings By Grace MP3

Sermon Love My Sheep MP3

Wednesday Morning -
Prophecy Seek God's Face MP3

Offering It's Paid For MP3

Sermon Purging Leads to Spiritual Growth MP3

Wednesday Evening -
Offering Sow Spirit, Reap Carnal MP3

Sermon Walk in the Spirit, Walk in Love MP3

Tursday Morning -
Offering What Are You Thinking MP3

Sermon Tap Root Life MP3

Tursday Evening -
Offering Obedience is the Key MP3

Sermon Knowing Him Produces Power MP3

Friday Morning -
Worship Exhortation MP3

Prophecy More Anointing and Glory MP3

Offering The True Way to Increase MP3

Sermon From Blessing to Inheritance MP3

Friday Evening -
Offering A Willing Mind MP3

Worship, Exhortation and Prophecy MP3

Sunday Morning -
Offering Give Me the Heathen MP3

Sermon Don't Go back to Egypt MP3

April 2012 Prayer and Power Conference

Sunday Morning -
(Prophecy) God Offers Change MP3

(Offering) Because They Loved MP3

(Sermon) Born Again Faith MP3

(Altar) Being Filled with the Holy Spirit MP3

Sunday Evening -
(Offering) No Need for Seed MP3

(Sermon) Don't Ever Stop MP3

Monday Morning -
(Prophecy) Glory That Fills Worship MP3

(Offering) The Coming Anointing for Blessings MP3

(Sermon) Faith That Change Will Come MP3

Monday Evening -
(Offering) Money is to Serve Us MP3

(Sermon) God Hears Your Prayers MP3

Tuesday Morning -
(Offering) Worship Defeats Poverty MP3

(Sermon) Faith Must Excel MP3

Tuesday Evening -
(Prophecy) Revelation is Coming Forth MP3

(Offering) The Great Exchange MP3

(Sermon) Love That Cannot Fail MP3

Wednesday Morning -
(Offering) Jesus in Your House MP3

(Sermon) In The Image Of God MP3

Wednesday Evening -
(Prophecy) Worship, Holiness & Seeking God MP3

(Sermon) That Which Brings Spiritual Change MP3

Tursday Morning -
(Prophecy) Worship in Faith MP3

(Offering) The Mystery of Christ and the Church MP3

(Sermon) The Image and the Seed MP3

Tursday Evening -
(Prophecy) Receive Where You Are MP3

(Offering) Seated Behind the Window MP3

(Sermon) Stepping Into Greater Love MP3

Friday Morning -
(Prophecy) Overcoming Depression MP3

(Offering) It's Worth It MP3

(Sermon) Kingdom Faith Requires Kingdom Knowledge MP3

Friday Evening -
(Sermon) Pressing Toward Completion MP3

September 2012 Power and Truth Conference, Canada

Offering: Luke 8 MP3

Sermon: The Model For Our Destiny MP3

Offering: Truth About the Widow's Mite MP3

Sermon: Gary's Healing Testimony MP3

Offering: Matthew 19 MP3

Sermon: Instructions From The Cornerstone MP3

Offering: True Faith Prosperity MP3

Sermon: Empowered Righteousness MP3

Offering: Philippians 4-13 MP3

Sermon: The Mission of the Comforter MP3

Offering: Tithes & Offerings Not Needed MP3

Sermon: From Death To Life MP3

Power and Truth Conference (PDF printout) PDF



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