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Dear Friends,

I remember once watching something on television that had to do with "prehistoric cave men." These men went about in their animal skins carrying their spears and grunting in an effort to communicate with each other. All of a sudden it hit me: what a bunch of garbage! According to the Bible, such a scenario is absolutely, totally, and completely impossible! The reason is because when God created man, he came into existence with a highly-developed mind and the proof is in the first two chapters of Genesis.

By the time we get to the end of Genesis chapter four, the Bible reveals that there were people with greatly advanced skills in farming, tent making, musicianship, and metallurgy. Along the way, people figured out how to do such things as harvest wheat, grind it up, make flour, mix it with water, and bake it into bread; this is such a common practice to us today, but somebody had to figure out that it could actually be done.

Genesis 4:22 tells us that Tubal-cain was an expert in producing brass and iron. This means that he perfected a process that had been passed down to him. In other words, men had already figured out how to identify the metal "iron," how to dig it up, how to build ovens to melt it down and how to form it into objects.

All of this is just a sampling of how sophisticated the mind of man was from the beginning of creation. This is a far cry from the way humanity is presented in the "prehistoric cave man" movies. God's word and these movies are diametrically opposed to each other. What is so sad is how many Christians actually allow the evolutionary mind-set of godless men to establish their belief system. Bottom line: it is impossible to accept the evolutionary image of a grunting, club toting, bent over cave man and still walk in harmony with God's scriptural account of creation.

I have often marveled at how so many of the things we take for granted had to first be invented or developed. Along with the examples above, someone had to figure out how to take the fluffy white bloom from a specific plant and weave it into clothing (cotton). Someone had to figure out how to take plant fibers and combine them to make linen. And who in the world came up with the idea to take silk and turn it into clothing?

As time has progressed, man has utilized previous inventions as the foundation for scientific progress. One invention laid the groundwork for the next invention and so forth. Silicon is the second most abundant element on Earth and makes up 25.7% of its crust by mass. It was our progressive understanding of chemical properties which led to the use of silicon to produce microchips in computers. Think about oil. It has been around since creation; yet, only within the last 160 years did man figure out how to use oil to produce gasoline and diesel. (How would you like to own a few oil fields right about now?)

How many times have we looked back over history and thought, "Gee, if I had invented 'that' I would be a multi-millionaire!" It is true that certain inventions have made their inventors fabulously wealthy. A person can go from being an assembly line worker or waitress to being independently wealthy in just a matter of months with the right invention. I remember once I came up with the idea for heated driveways that would make life easier for people dealing with snow and ice each winter. As I "heard" the sound of cash registers ringing up sales, I was informed that such a thing had already been invented.

All of what I've written so far serves as an introduction to a very unique prophetic word given at our church not too long ago.

For I am the God of Heaven and Earth. And I am the One who created Heaven and Earth. I am the One who set in motion everything about Heaven and Earth. Therefore, I am the One who understands every law of nature that exists.

In my church I have given you access to all the wisdom that you need to get by in this life. I have also made available to you the information necessary to do great and mighty things for me, not only in the realm of the spirit but also in the realm of the natural.

I want you to think very closely about your own human history. When man was first created, there were no such things as cars or planes. There was no such thing as electricity for your lights. There was no such thing as a natural gas furnace. There was no such thing as air conditioning. None of these things existed. And yet, over time, you have seen great and mighty inventions. Many of you are using these inventions on a day-to-day basis and you think nothing of it. For just within the last 100 years great and mighty things have been done in this world.

Many of you are concerned about the way this world is going. You are not going to be able to alter what has been prophesied, what is coming, the things that have been documented in the Book of the Revelation. However, because I am the God of creation and I created everything and I know how everything works, I have the ability to reveal to you different types of energy sources that will lessen your dependence on gas and oil.

I have the ability to give unto you the ideas for inventions that will change the course of history for this entire world. I have the ability to give you the ideas for developing things that will change this world so much that trillions of dollars will flow into the Kingdom.

However, nearly all of my Body is mentally penned in by what this world says can and cannot be done. For I would have you know that at one time Robert Fulton was told that the steamboat would not work; and yet now (we know that) that is not true. It was said that man cannot fly in heavier-than-air machines; and yet, that is not true. The list goes on and on. Thomas Edison was criticized for trying to create what you call a light bulb; and yet now, look at all the variations of light bulbs that you have.

I can give you the ideas for inventions that will absolutely astound the scientific world. I can show you how to do things that others will say cannot be done. I can give you ideas that will change the way this world operates. And this is why I encourage you to stay in my presence. Many people think that staying in my presence is for no other purpose than to receive an understanding of my will and to receive a greater anointing.

But I say unto you that it is in my presence that I can give you the revelation of the knowledge of the ages. I can give you a revelation of the knowledge that comes from the spirit realm, not the natural realm. And if I give you understanding from the spirit realm of things that you can do in the natural realm, I promise you, you will be able to do things that will challenge the scientific world as to the way they presently think.

And I speak to my Body this night and I say, I have within me a wealth of wisdom and understanding concerning things that can be invented that will make your life not only simpler and give you more time to spend with me than what you already have, but at the same time I can show you how that you can develop things that will lessen your dependence on the present energy sources. For science has proven that water itself contains massive amounts of energy; and yet this energy remains untapped. Do you not think that I know how to tap into that energy? For I am the one that set it in motion, and I'm the one that created so much water to be on this planet

I can show you how to do these things. And for those who are what you would call 'inventors', and those that would come to me and spend time in my presence, I can reveal this information to you. I can show you how to develop it, I can show you how to create it, and I can show how to bring it to pass. And I can give you favor in the hearts and minds of other business people with whom you will have contact.

For did I not call Moses into my presence and give him every intricate detail concerning the development of the tabernacle? Not only the dimensions, but the materials, their sizes, their colors, everything; I can do the same thing now. Remember, I'm the God who created everything; I know how it all works and I know what you can do with it. I know how you can tap into it and turn it into something that has never before existed.

Think of the very simple thing that you know as panty hose, as nylon. At one time, it didn't exist; and yet, by accident, a scientist mixed certain chemicals together and created nylon. I say to you, I can show you much more than this. There are substances and things that have never yet been invented that can be invented using what has already been created in this world. It is waiting for discovery.

But I would have you know this: the enemy has kept my church blinded to much of this because he wants to keep you dependant upon the things of this world. But when you make a decision to become dependant upon me, I can show you how to use the things of this world to your advantage. Remember, I created this planet and this entire universe and I gave it to man for his use. Do not lose sight of this.

Therefore, I would say to you, pray and ask; ask for me to give the revelation of these inventions, these things that can be done in these last days. Ask for me to give them, not just to you but to others who have skills and talents to utilize this information. For remember, when I gave Moses the instructions on how to build the tabernacle, I specifically named individuals who were skilled in certain trades and in certain crafts; they were the ones who developed certain parts of the tabernacle.

The same thing is true today. There are those in my Body right now who have certain skills and abilities to where they can take this information, put it to good use, and create these things that I am speaking of this night. So pray for a release of this information. Pray for a hunger to rise up within those who have these skills and these abilities; a hunger to seek me. Pray that as I speak in dreams to these people, they will understand these dreams and receive what I am showing them.

For I say unto you, my desire is to change this world from within my church, not from without. Remember, you have the mind of Christ which means you have the ability to think at a higher level than the world. So come to me and seek me and I can and will give you revelation of great and mighty and wonderful things that can change this world.

It is my sincere hope that this prophecy has motivated you to pray as God directed, for the release of His divine wisdom for these incredible discoveries. Maybe you're one of those He wishes to use to change the world!


Occasionally I have been asked if I believe that "death-bed" professions of faith in Jesus are genuine. My question is, would you rather the person make no profession in Christ at all? I'll take this a step further.

A short while back I had a colonoscopy, a preventative exam recommended for people when they hit age 50. Before the procedure began I was on the table and the doctor gave me an injection of a sedative that put me to sleep. I was totally asleep and completely unaware of the exam.

Suddenly, mid-way through the exam, I was awakened by this incredibly strange feeling. The only way I can describe it is that it was as though every measure of strength and energy drained completely out of my body, flowing out from my head down through my feet; almost as though my life was draining out of my body. But when I say I was awakened, I was only awake on the inside; in other words, my eyes were still shut, my body was still motionless and for all practical purposes was still asleep. Even so, I was fully aware of everything going on around me.
In this condition I heard one of the nurses say, "He's looking kind of pale." Then another nurse exclaimed, "His blood pressure is 50 over 21!" I don't know what they did to correct this; but whatever it was, my blood pressure went back up and I went "back to sleep" on the inside. Those of you with any kind of medical knowledge or experience know that a blood pressure of 50 over 21 is very dangerous; if it had continued dropping, I was only a few minutes away from death.

To anyone observing, including the doctor and the nurses, it would have looked like I was fully asleep and unaware of what was happening. Even so, on the inside I was totally conscious and knew everything that was taking place. I was so "internally coherent" that if someone had asked me a question, I would have been able to answer, but my answer would only have been "on the inside" and not verbally out-loud.

Because of this experience, I am convinced I know what it is like to be dying. If I had not been a Christian at that moment and somebody had begun witnessing to me, I know without any doubt I could have made a genuine heart's decision to accept Jesus as Savior, even though I would not have been able to make that decision "out loud." The medical profession tells us that hearing is the last thing to go before death. I now believe that more than ever; and I believe God has designed it so that our spirit is "fully awake" as the body is dying so that we have one last chance to be born again.

If you are ever in a situation where someone is unconscious from an injury or sickness and the doctors say is dying, do not hesitate to tell that person about Jesus! Be honest; let them know that the doctors say they're dying, but that God loves them and that this may be their final opportunity to accept Jesus as Savior. Speak to them as though they are awake. If feasible, gently touch them. Do not "preach a sermon." Lead them in a short "sinner's prayer." Do not become discouraged if they do not respond verbally or physically! I truly believe that in doing this many people can be led to salvation before they pass on into eternity.

Yours in His grace,



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