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Dear Friends,

Several days ago I began writing my letter for August, but stopped because I sensed I wasn’t to continue. Last night, July 25, we began four days of services with Evangelist Jason Hamlin. At Grace Christian Center we have 45 minutes of special worship just prior to the start of every service and last night was no different.

At the conclusion of the pre-service worship the congregation flowed into free worship. Our praise team was on the platform and the free worship then flowed into the start of the service. Shortly after our praise team began their first song I began to sense the Lord was moving very strongly upon me. I continued to sing, but He instructed me to just stand there and pray in the Spirit.

After the praise team had led the congregation through the last song of their worship set, the congregation again entered into free worship. As they did, the Lord reminded me to keep praying in the Spirit. The presence of the Lord had gotten stronger and stronger throughout the entire time of praise and worship.

As the people were singing and worshipping, the Lord gave me a split-second, blink-of-an-eye vision. In that vision, it was as though I was high above our nation’s capitol and as I watched, it began to vibrate. He then began to explain to me what I had seen, telling me to go to the platform and start repeating what He had told me and that He would give me more as I was speaking.

I went to the platform and stood behind the pulpit. I did not immediately begin speaking because I sensed that the Lord was moving to create a spiritual atmosphere conducive for people to more clearly understand and receive what He wanted to share. Gently I motioned for our keyboard player to fade out her playing as I knew the Lord wanted nothing else to be taking place.

After a short time in the quietness of the Lord’s presence, I began to speak what the Lord had said to me. The prophecy He gave was very powerful and I want to share it with you:

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

You have seen earthquakes in the natural bring about great devastation.  I speak to you this night and I tell you that you are on the horizon of a tremendous earthquake in your political system in this nation.  It will not be an earthquake in the natural, but it will be an earthquake in the realm of the spirit, and for many it will be absolutely devastating.  The minds of many will be filled with confusion; others will run to and fro in fear.  Again, I say to you that you are on the path for a great earthquake in your political system

Things are shaking in this world.  The political systems in this world have been built upon sand: the sand of humanism; the sand of secularism; the sand of Satanism; the sand of those things which cannot truly support humanity.  Those sands are shifting and there is upheaval getting ready to take place.  And I say unto you, you are headed in the direction of a great political earthquake in this nation!  Many will be unaware that it has taken place, because many are not sensitive to My Spirit.

And I say unto you that your enemy is working very, very hard even this very hour to convince the leaders of North Korea to lash out in a military strike.  For the enemy has sown much, much confusion in the leadership of that country.   They are terribly blinded to what is happening, and they truly believe they are right, but this is the work of the enemy.  And I say unto you, pray, pray over this.  Do you hear me?  Pray over this!

And your president; he needs great wisdom.  He needs My wisdom.  And yet there are many in my church who would be happy if he died; but I say unto you, My Son already died in his place.  I will judge you for your attitude toward the one who is your President, for I have said to pray for those in leadership; and those of you who refuse, I will hold you accountable.  He needs My wisdom.  There are many in My church who would believe he is beyond My wisdom. I say to you, no, he is not;  for I can minister to him.  You say, how can you minister to someone like that?  And I say, did I not minister to you when you were lost?  Who are you to raise yourself above him?  After all, there are some who will hear these words—you voted for him.  He needs your wisdom.

There is a strength in him that you have not seen because you have closed your eyes to it.  I can capitalize upon that strength and help this nation.  But if you do not pray, why should I help?  If you do not pray, why do you think I will be able to help?  For did I not call people to pray, and that if they did pray, I would move?  And so I ask you—I implore you this night—pray for your President!  Pray for him.  Pray for him.  And pray for the nation of North Korea.  They need salvation. If you will not pray for them, who will?  Who will?

Again I tell you that this nation is on track for a great political earthquake.  I also want you to know this night that the earthquake you saw take place in the natural not too long ago in Haiti, there are parts of that country that will never, never, be restored because of that earthquake. 

But I say to you this night, a door of evangelism is beginning to open into Haiti unlike anything that has ever existed.  I implore you this night to pray for that nation and pray for the revival that I want to send to that nation.  For I say that the fields are white unto harvest in Haiti and the door of evangelism is opening wider and wider in that nation.  For there are many in that country who are becoming desperate beyond desperation; there are many in that country in positions of leadership who simply do not know what to do.  However, I know how to help that country.  And though parts of it will never fully recover from that devastating earthquake, I can bring about restoration in that nation.  And I can bring about revival.  Pray.  Pray and declare and confess revival over Haiti.

And I say unto you, do not take lightly the things that are happening in your country.  Many of My children have stepped into a trap of the enemy, a trap whereby they are confessing the enemy’s will over your government.  And I say unto you, what do you want to see happen in this country?  Do you want to see revival?  Do you want to see change?  If you do, then you need to stop criticizing those in leadership and you need to start confessing My Word over them.  If you do not do this, who will?

I say to you this night, there is turmoil in your country.  And there are many who are called by My name who do not know Me.  They do not really know My will and My desires.  They speak out of the flesh and out of emotion.  But I say unto you, what do you believe My Son would speak over your nation?  Those are the things you need to speak over this nation. 

There are many of you who have listened to the voices which have been influenced by the things of this world and you’re repeating what they say.  I say to you, look unto My Word, because My Word gives you the direction concerning what you are to say over this nation.  Many have thrown their hands up and they have said, why, why continue?  Why go on?  But I say unto you, why not continue?  Why not go on?  Did I not say in My Word to not be weary in well doing?  Yes, I did.

And so, I speak to you—those who are My church; those who call upon the name of the Lord; those who profess My Son as Savior—and I tell you this night, you can bring about change.  You can pray and confess and speak a cushioning of this political earthquake.  You can pray and speak and confess My wisdom over all in leadership to help during this time.  But will you do it?  Will you do it? 

No matter how much you pray you will not be able to stop the things recorded in the book of Revelation from happening.  However, there are many things that you can stop if you will pray and declare My Word.  Did I not tell My prophet to declare over the dry bones and that the dry bones became a great army?  But it happened only when he spoke My Words

There are many in My church who look upon this nation as a valley of dry bones.  I do not see that.  What I see is a nation full of great potential for My Kingdom.  And I say this night, you, My children in this world, you are what I work through.  You are the ones that I move through.  So, take heed to these things this night.  Pray.  Pray for your leaders, pray for your President and stop criticizing.  Declare My Word and My wisdom.  Declare My will.  And there are many things that you will prevent. 

And I say to you this night, these things that I ask of you, they are things that are pleasing in My sight.  Many have asked, oh God, what do we do?  This night I tell you, pray and intercede.  Pray and declare and confess My will, My Word, and My desires.  And I will move on your words to bring about change, says the Lord.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

When the Lord finished giving the prophecy I began to pray and intercede for our President, North Korea and its leaders, and Haiti. You see, it is my belief that far too many Christians have lost sight of God’s desires for mankind. Jesus did not go to the cross for “our” salvation; He went to the cross for all of humanity. I think a lot of Believers have forgotten that they were “on the other side of the cross” at one time.

How can we, who are recipients of that salvation, not be concerned for the salvation of the rapists, child molesters, homosexuals, Satan worshippers, Communists, Muslims, and terrorists, especially since God so loved them that He sent His only begotten Son to die for their sins? It so saddens me when I hear Christians - those washed in the sin-purging blood of Jesus - say things like, “They ought to take that (pervert, creep, terrorist, murderer, etc) and do to him what he did to those people.” Isn’t that why Jesus went to the cross?

There are those who may dismiss the above prophecy as inconsequential or not being of God. But, some may recall that during a special church service we had on August 7, 2009 the Lord gave a prophecy in which He said, Know this, that even this night the enemy is working hard to try and create some type of a natural disaster that will cause the people in this nation to begin to trust in the arm of flesh instead of the arm of Lord. Then this year, on the first weekend of May, one of the worst and most devastating floods to hit a metropolitan area in the history of the United States struck Nashville, Tennessee.

Man cannot devise such things out of his own mind. Jesus stated in John 16:13 that the Holy Spirit would show us things to come. One of the reasons He does this is so we can pray to bring about change. We cannot change God’s will, but we can pray to put a stop to attacks of Satan and help bring about God’s will; after all, didn’t Jesus tell us in Matthew 9:38 to pray that the Lord of the harvest (of souls) would send forth laborers into His harvest?

Please take what the Lord has given seriously. Ask Him to remind you of the prophecy in this letter and when He does, pray over our President and his family, North Korea and its leaders, and Haiti. Make a declaration of faith that our President and his family are born again, filled with the Holy Spirit and serving God, and that North Korea and Haiti are in revival. Pray along the lines that Jesus taught in Matthew 6:10, “Father, thy will be done in earth in our President and his family, North Korea and its leaders, and Haiti as you have planned it out in Heaven.” Let’s be proactive in prayer, rather than reactive, and see God move in great and mighty ways!

Your servant in Christ,



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