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Dear Friends,

This month I want to share some prophecies the Lord gave during some of our church services. I trust they will be a blessing to your life.


I am God and I have said in my word there is nothing too difficult for me, there is nothing impossible to me.  I am God. It is my desire to work the impossible in your life.  Those things that you think cannot be done or those things where it seems as though you have lost hope, I am God, I have never lost hope.  Nothing is impossible for me. This is why I continue to call you into my presence. This is why I continue to send my servants to encourage you to seek me, to pray, to spend time in worship, to do all of these things that cause you to grow and develop spiritually.

The more that you grow and develop spiritually, the more you become containers for the impossible to take place. I will release into you greater glory and greater power so that those things which seemed impossible will no longer seem impossible; for you will see before your very eyes the impossible taking place. You will see before your very eyes those things that you had wondered about coming to pass.

And so again I speak to you and tell you, continue to seek me. Continue to condition your spirits for an outpouring of my glory and my power so that the impossible will come to pass before your very eyes.  And those around you which have criticized you in this walk and criticized you for your dedication to prayer and to seeking my face - those around you who have told you that these things don't work - they will sit back and their eyes will open up because they will be first-hand witnesses of my power flowing through vessels that have committed themselves unto me.  I say, even your family members will become astounded at what happens because you will have committed your self and your time unto me. 

So I say again to you, I am the God of the impossible.  I am the God who can do anything and everything. And it is my desire to do the impossible through you as a testimony of my love, my power and my grace.


There are too many of my children who spend far too much time trying to understand me; spend far too much time trying to understand the things about me, trying to comprehend the magnitude of God. I want you to know that no matter how hard you try you will not be able to fully comprehend me with your mind. I am God; you will never be God, you will never fully understand what it is like to be God.

I have said in my word that many of you have bickered over and argued over and even split your churches over. You’re wasting a lot of time on things that you are not fully going to understand, especially in this life. For you see, when you are finally here with me you will understand the Trinity like you've never understood it; and yet on earth - instead of just accepting this - there are many in my church who claim that the Trinity is a reference to three Gods; but they don’t study my word and they don't understand that I, God, am trying to represent myself to you in ways you can understand and comprehend. But even then it falls far short.

I say unto you, please just accept my word. Just accept what I have said. Do not try to rationalize and “reason out” faith. Just believe it. Just accept it. Do not try to rationalize and reason out healing and how it happens; just accept that it happens. Do not waste your time trying to figure out the day, the hour or the year of the return of my Son; just accept He's coming back. 

There are so many things that you try to figure out with your mind and you say, “But I don’t understand it, how can this be? How can God do these things? How can He move this way and move that way?” Do you understand how I can cause an axe head to float?  No, you don't, but I can and I did. Do you understand how I can give power unto men to cast out devils? No, you don't, but I can, I did and I do. You need to understand that I have not called you to rationalize and reason out my word. I called you to accept my word. Accept it in faith. When you do that, when you get past the reasoning and the explaining and the trying to figure it all out, when you get past that and you just begin to accept my word for what I have said then you will be able to see the fullness of my word begin to manifest in your life. 

Do not try to rationalize how I can give you the ability to speak and pray in a language that is unknown to you; for it is this rationalizing and reasoning that has caused many people to not receive this gift of the Holy Spirit. Just accept what I do and trust that all I do is for your benefit. I am your loving Father and all I do is to bless you and to be a benefit if of you and to help you become everything I desire so that I can reward you when you are here with me. So accept my word for what I have said. Don't try to use your minds to figure it out because you never will. Walk by faith, not by sight.


As you have sung that you want my glory to be poured out, I want you to know that many have preached and prophesied about an outpouring of my glory in these latter days. I would have you know that this is true; the glory has begun to be released. But I want you to think of it this way: the way that this has been preached by many is that my glory is going to be poured out in great abundance all over my entire church. This is not true, and I want to explain this to you this night. 

I want to think of the sun. When the sun is shining and there are no clouds in the sky, the only people who can experience the brilliance of the sun are those who have stepped outside into where it is shinning. The ones who remain inside a house will not experience the fullness of the brilliance of the sun. It may shine through the windows and they may benefit in that way, but they will not experience the fullness of that sunshine; for as they stay in the house they will remain in a degree of shadow. The same is true for my church. There are many who are in a shadow of religion. They are in a shadow of deception.

My glory is being released even now, but not all of my church is going to be bathed in my glory. Only those who will step outside the shadows of religion and the shadows of deception, they are the ones who are going to experience the full outpouring of my glory. It is my desire for my entire church to experience this full outpouring of my glory. But for those who choose to remain in the shadows, they will only experience that which shines through the windows. They will not experience the fullness of its brilliance.

But I say unto you, if you desire to experience the full outpouring of my glory then get out from underneath everything that would be a shadow in your life. Get out from underneath everything that would block the fullness of the brilliance of my glory. If you do this then you will experience my glory in your life in a way that I have revealed in my word; in a way that has been preached and in a way that has been prophesied; for the fullness of my glory is something that you have yet to behold.

If you choose to step outside the shadows and behold it you’re going to experience something in me that is a spiritual experience beyond that which you have yet experienced to this date. So I tell you, allow me to lead you from out underneath the shadows of everything that would hinder the flow of my glory and experience this latter-day outpouring.


Most of my church has greatly underestimated the power of their emotions. Your emotions will govern your life if you do not subdue them by the power of your born-again spirit. If you are waiting for me to move divinely in your life to conquer your emotions, then your are going to wait for a very, very long time because that is not going to happen.  I will not conquer your emotions; you must conquer them, and you must conquer them through the power of your born-again spirit.

The Holy Spirit within you will not conquer your emotions, but He will help you understand how to conquer them. If you do not learn to control your emotions and keep them in check they will dictate the course of your life; for it will be out of emotion that you make every decision. It will be out of emotion that you will make decisions whether or not to praise and worship me when you come together for a service. It will be out of emotions that you make a decision as to whether or not you will or will not pray. It is out of emotions that you will make every decision for your life. Out of emotion you will make decisions as to what you want your ministry calling to be, and that's what you will pursue instead of seeking me and the revelation of what you really called to do.

Your emotions are much more powerful than what you realize. All of my church has been governed too much by emotions. Yet there are those within my church who have understood this and grown to the place to where, spiritually, they dominate more than they are dominated. I say this to you tonight, for this is one of the reasons why many of you will come together and you're just not in the mood to be here, just not in the mood to worship me or to praise me.  You go through the motions more than going through the experience. 

So I say to you, take these words to heart and understand that your emotions will govern every aspect of your life if you do not learn to conquer them. Your emotions will govern the decisions you make if you do not learn to conquer them. Keep them in check, subdue them, for this is the only way that you can truly follow me and be led of the Spirit.

If you make a decision to grow in me, you will learn more and more how to take control over your emotions. As you do that, it will not be the emotions that you hear speaking to you, but it will be me you hear speaking to you. So again I say to you, take these words to heart and take them very seriously; learn to govern your emotions instead of allowing your emotions to govern you.


I would say unto you, there is not one of you in this place that I do not desire to speak with.  There is not one of you in this place that I do not desire to hear my voice. I say unto you, many times I have spoken to you but you have not recognized my voice.  I want you to know that if you will spend time with me, come to me and lay down these things that surround you - these things of the world - and spend time in my presence and pray in the Spirit, you will begin to hear my voice. You will hear me speak to you and the day will come that my voice will be unmistakable. 

You will know day in and day out when I'm speaking to you. You will be able to discern my voice from the lying voice of the enemy who wants to imitate me. You will be able to discern the difference between my voice and the voice of your own flesh and emotions.  You will hear me speak and I will give you instructions for your future.  I will show you things to come.  I will speak to you and give you great revelation of my plan for your life. 

But you must come to me, for there have been times when you have thought that God did not speak to everyone; and some of you even thought that God does not speak any more.  But I say, I am God and I do speak and I will speak to you.  I will speak to you as clearly as the preachers who stand up and say, “I was talking with the Lord today and he told me this and told me that.”  You will hear me as clearly as they hear me, for I have not reserved my voice just for those who preach my word. 

You are all my children and you all have different callings, different ministries. I desire to speak to all of you and I desire you to hear my voice.  So come to me and spend time in the presence of my Holy Spirit.  Pray in the Spirit and He will teach you and train you how to use your spiritual ears to hear my spiritual voice, and you will enter into times of ever-increasing fellowship with me.


I've seen your heart and I’ve seen the searching.  You have heard many things about me; some of them are true, but many of them are wrong.  You've wondered what is right what is real, what is true.  I want you to know that I give you a revelation of who I am, what I am, what I do in my word.  You've been misled by many people - some of them preachers - who have told you things about me that truly were not based on my word but were based on their opinion.

I want to give you a revelation of me like you've never had, but you must open your heart to receive from my word.  If you do, I will be able to show you who I am to you.  I'll be able to show you what I will do for you, how I'll move in your life. But this truth and this revelation comes from my word, for even my Holy Spirit will not speak of things outside the parameters of my word. Everything that my Holy Spirit speaks, every sermon that He inspires will be based upon what has been established in my word.

There are many who have stood up and they've said that they had received a revelation from my Holy Spirit, and yet that revelation has no basis in my word.  So therefore, that which they taught was not of me.  I'll give you the answers that you seek but you must take the time to receive from me and you must make a decision that you will open your heart for me to minister to you.  There are those in the past who have hurt you and done you wrong, but I say I will never hurt you and I will never do wrong; and those who minister by my anointing and my leadership will not hurt you and they will not do the wrong.   Do not accuse and hold accountable all preachers in the entire body of Christ for what a few have done.

Seek me and make a decision to open yourself up to me and I will minister truth to you. I will take you into a place with me where you've never been. I will show you and teach you great and wonderful things about me that you never known.  I will move in your life, but you must open up to me, open up totally and completely to me. Be willing to lay down things that were taught to you that were wrong. Be willing to lay those traditions down and let them be replaced by the truth that I will give you from my word. 

So receive from me.  Receive from my Spirit and your life will change and you will become what I desire.  I am here for you even this day; here to minister to you.  So open up and receive from me and let me do my work in you.

Our 2011 Prayer & Power Conference will be Sunday, April 3 – Friday, April 8. Sunday services will be 10:30am and 6:00pm. Monday – Friday service times are 10:00am and 7:00pm. We will have pre-service worship 45 minutes before the start of each service. Our guest speakers will be Elaine Hollmer, Gary Carpenter and Janet Inman (praise and worship).

If you plan to attend, we ask that you please register in advance. There is no charge to register or attend, but your registration helps us adequately prepare for the number of people attending. If you have not already registered or have not received a registration form, one is available at our web site or you can use the form below.

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Yes, I plan to attend the April 2011 Prayer and Power conference.



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