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Dear Friends,

            This month I am sharing with you some prophetic words given from the Lord during some of our church services. I pray that they bless your life.


For you are stepping deeper into my glory and my presence. You’re doing this, in part, through your worship. For you see, the fullness of the path into my presence and my glory includes walking in an area of worship where few have walked.

You are making progress; and I say to you this day, do not stop your worship. For I have spoken to you many times over the years about your praise and about your worship. Many of you have taken heed; and some of you, these things have not yet broken forth out of your heart (but I say to you this day, there is a place in me that you have reached) – and it’s because, in part, they have never truly worshipped me the way that they could, the way that I desire.

For you see, as I am seeking people to worship me it’s not simply so that I hear your worship, but it’s because your worship enables me to work in you in a very special and unique way. So I say these things again to you to encourage you to worship me; to motivate you to worship me. Lay aside your flesh, lay aside your emotions, lay aside anything and everything that would hinder you from truly worshipping me.

I am looking to take entire congregations into the depth of my glory. And every church that will worship me will continue to walk that path. Worship is absolutely a vital key to experiencing all that I have for you. I make myself available to you; come into my presence. Come deeper; come deeper through your praise and your worship. And I promise you, that if you do not give up on this, the day will come when you will break through into a new dimension of my glory and my presence.


When you worship Me, it isn’t like you are moving Me to do something in your behalf. It isn’t like you have to move Me to do anything for you, because I am willing and always want to minister to you. What happens when you worship Me is that you move yourself into a place in the realm of the spirit where you can receive what I have already done for you, what has already been accomplished, by My Son Jesus: He’s already made the way, He’s already provided your healing, He has already provided your deliverance; everything you need has already been done.

When you worship Me, you move yourself into the place where you can receive what I have already done for you. So just lift your hearts unto Me and receive what I have done for you already. Oh, My children, I love you so; I love you like you can’t even imagine and I want so much to minister to your every need, to your every need.

I am willing, I am willing. You must receive what I have given you already. You must touch Me with your faith. Have I not said in My word that without faith it is impossible to please Me? It’s your faith that touches Me – it is your faith that touches Me, and it is your faith that releases unto you what I have already provided. I love you; just receive what you need from Me today. I am the source of all that you need – just receive it, just receive it.


[Note: this word came forth after a special service set aside specifically for worship.]

For you have pleased Me this night. Yes, I did arise to My rest; and your worship, it filled the place where I reside. And I want you to know that you have pleased Me this night.

But I will tell you what happened during your time of worship to Me. For this night, as you began to praise Me and you began to worship Me, in the realm of the Spirit you released cleansing waters. For you see, during your praise and worship you were interceding on behalf of many people. And as you were worshiping and as you were praising during that intercession, it was as though you were releasing cleansing waters; and those waters began to wash throughout this place. And they began to cleanse things, to remove things; to wash things away that needed to be removed.

For you see, there are many people who have brought problems into this place. But instead of giving them to Me they have left them here and it has created for some people an atmosphere that has interfered with their ability to receive from Me. But tonight you have washed these things away, there has been a cleansing in this place through your worship.

And I would have you know that in the days to come you should spend other times like this worshiping Me because more things in the spirit are going to take place when you do. You see, many churches have missed the importance and the need for balance. They assume the word ‘balance’ only applies to the word, to doctrine. But I would have you know that it applies to everything that you do.

There needs to be a balance of teaching, there needs to be a balance of worship, there needs to be a balance of ministry; all these things need to be balanced. And in too many of My churches there is a severe imbalance in the area of worship in that there is a lack of praise and worship. But I would have you know that you have done well this night and you have pleased Me and you have also released in the realm of the Spirit an anointing that I had deposited into many of you. For those of you that have been seeking Me, My anointing has been released into you as you have been worshiping. It is out of your worship that an anointing has been released in this place.

And I would say in the days to come remember this, because there is an anointing that is released as you praise Me and as you worship Me. For as I deposit into you, you then release in part through your praise and through your worship. So take this as an encouragement this night; an encouragement to know that these times of praise and worship are not just about singing songs, but it is about releasing out of your heart those things, which you have received from Me.

So good things have happened this night, good things have happened this night, and I want to thank you for setting aside this time to worship Me. I want to thank you for coming to worship Me. For you see, as much as you have enjoyed being in My presence, I have enjoyed being in yours. So I have blessed you this night, I have extended My hand upon you this night, and My blessings are upon you and I want you to know there is more to come.

You are on the threshold of greatness in the realm of the Spirit. Keep doing what you are doing, keep doing what you know to do, and you’re going to experience one breakthrough after another, one level of glory after another. For you see, I dwell in this place and I do enjoy these times of fellowship that we have together.


My potential in Christians is beyond all comprehension. People want a structure and order when it comes to serving me. This is a reasonable thing to ask and desire because there is structure and order in all I do. But the order I establish is based on spiritual principles, not the things of the world. However, most of my children are seeking an order which is natural and makes sense to the mind of the world. This is why so much of the religious structure developed by man cannot truly enable or equip you to serve me.

The structure and order of my calling on your life is based on the way I operate in the spirit. Spiritual order does not always parallel the order of things you see in the world. What you are to accomplish for me is all relative to Kingdom purpose. This is why you must develop a Kingdom mindset in order to truly do my will.

Man’s religion has taken my church and “normalized” it according to the pattern of worldly things. My church has been turned into a republic, into a democracy; but the order and structure of my Kingdom is defined by its name: a Kingdom with a King. In worldly terms, you call this a monarchy; but in reality, it is a Theocracy wherein your King is the eternal King of the ages.

Although you have an eternal will and retain the ability to choose whatever you desire, in my Kingdom this is not so. In my Kingdom, you do not have the right to do whatever you choose; you have the will to make such choices, but you do not have the right. You see, when the King rules, He determines your rights. The Kingdom cannot succeed if the citizens of the Kingdom demand the rights to determine order and exercise their will to accomplish that order.

The plans for my Kingdom were in place from before the foundation of the world. The establishment of my Kingdom became a reality for mankind the moment my Son completed His work on earth. The principles of success in my Kingdom are in operation even at this moment. These principles will never change. I love you and honor what I gave you: the free will to choose your destiny; but operation in my Kingdom is based solely on what I have established in the spirit.

So many of my children have followed after the pattern of the world. For in the world people demand their rights, and demand to be treated in a certain way, and demand the freedom to do as they please. But in my Kingdom this does not work. You can demand all you want, but I will not change. You can set up your own form of churches and say they are based on my word, but I will not change. You can establish your own patterns of religion and call them anointed, but I will not change. You can create your own system of teaching spiritual babies and training them for service unto me and call it all the pathway of truth, but I will not change.

I have said in my word to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Do you think I would have said that if I am not prepared to do it myself? Do you think I would have said that and not given to you the way in which you are to train children?

You are thinking in human terms and about human children. But I am thinking about spiritual children. It is my responsibility to train up my children; but most of those who are to instruct my children how to be taught of me are doing just the opposite: they are instructing them how to be trained and taught of man.

The Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers I use to the fullest are those who have grown and matured in me. They are continually taught by me. They are submitted fully to their King and do not allow man to rule their lives and callings. For you see, in man’s system, you must bow the knee to what he has created and established.

Those I use to the fullest are those who do not demand their rights, but seek only to do the will of their King. They understand they are sent forth to do the work of their King. They realize their own limitations, but see the limitless potential I afford in them; for have I not said that you can do all things through Christ, your King, who will strengthen you with His anointing?

The order and structure of my Kingdom must be established in you, for I have said that the Kingdom of God is within you. Spiritual maturity translates into promotion in my Kingdom. But again, the order and structure of man which makes so much sense to the mind of the world cannot produce this maturity and promotion.

In the church that man has created, you must “accomplish” to be promoted. You must develop fleshly talent and ability to be promoted. You must earn your degrees in their system to be promoted. You must have numbers and statistics to be promoted. You must work hard and impress people to be promoted. Your potential for success and promotion is based all on what you can do.

In my Kingdom, you must submit to be promoted. You must do those things which will cause you to grow in my eyes, regardless of whether man notices. I do not reward based on what you do, the way man rewards; I reward based on how much you conform to my Son and accomplish His works through fulfilling His will.

This is why there is so much strife over praying in the Spirit, private worship, meditation and confession of my Word, and fasting. While these things are a part of Kingdom structure and order, they make no sense to the minds of those serving man’s church. Most Christians simply cannot fathom that such things can result in great promotion in my Kingdom and a place of honor and reward before me. A person committed to these things does not get the attention of man, but will greatly capture my attention.

Spiritual maturity produces responsibility in my Kingdom. Those who are negligent in their responsibilities, disregard their commitments, and break their word are not as mature in my sight as they may be in the sight of man. Conforming to the image of my Son means conforming to the order and structure of my Word.

I told you earlier that my potential in Christians is beyond all comprehension. I speak as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I speak as God. You have the potential to demonstrate a Christ-like anointing. As Kingdom citizens I desire to pour Kingdom power through you. I desire to release Kingdom anointing into you. I desire you to be a reflection of your King.

To do this, you must understand that you do not have “rights,” as the world calls it, in my Kingdom. But you do have privileges and you do have an inheritance. Remember what John the Baptist said, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” As you decrease, you are less and less concerned about your “rights” and more consumed by my life in you. You will no longer see it as an infringement of your “rights” to yield your entire life and everything about you to me.

The world will take away. Man’s church will take away. I will only cause you to increase, but that increase will be in me. I am not a tyrant and I am not a dictator. I only have your best interests in my heart and mind. My Son – your King – knows how to govern your life with the love and mercy that led Him to the cross for you.

I tell you this night to reorder your world and way of thinking. Only submit in a godly fashion to those Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers who refuse to compromise my Word and Kingdom principles for the structure and order of man’s church; for these leaders will not seek to control your life, but they will earnestly seek to be helpers of your joy and lead you to my throne. These leaders will not teach you to compromise for the kingdom of man but will demand spiritual excellence and truth.

I am waiting to release into you the greatest level of my presence and glory you have ever experienced. Do not try to define it. Do not try to explain it. Just apply what you know and adhere to Kingdom principles and you will go beyond anything and everything your mind has ever conceived about me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

May the depths of His love fill your heart!



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