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2004-01-14     God Loves You MP3
2004-01-21     Cleansing Today's Leper MP3
2004-02-02     The Logos is Life MP3
2004-02-11     Judgment for Wrong Doctrine MP3
2004-02-25     The Spirit Must Dominate the Soul MP3
2004-03-03     A Deeper Understanding of Scripture MP3
2004-03-14     Praying Out Strongholds - Pt. 1 MP3
2004-03-14     Praying Out Strongholds Pt. 2 MP3
2004-03-21     Diligence in Prayer MP3
2004-03-31     Who, What, How MP3
2004-04-04     Edifying the Church Pt. 1 MP3
2004-04-04     Edifying the Church Pt. 1 MP3
2004-04-07     The Holy Spirit is Our Joshua MP3
2004-04-11     Which Do you Want? MP3
2004-04-14     Don't Pick Up Sticks MP3
2004-04-25     Revelation + Activation = Manifestation MP3
2004-04-25     Love Produces Revival MP3
2004-04-28     A Diligent Digger MP3
2004-05-04     How to Beat the Flesh Pt. 1 MP3
2004-05-04     How to Beat the Flesh Pt. 2 MP3
2004-05-08     Speak the Word MP3
2004-05-09     Rivers of Living Water MP3
2004-05-12     What Does the Bible Say? MP3
2004-05-23     Why Bad Things Happen MP3
2004-05-23     The Cloud of Witnesses MP3
2004-06-01     Religion is Self-Centered MP3
2004-06-08     Rewarded for Endurance MP3
2004-07-07     Don't Leave Canaan MP3
2004-07-14     Don't Get Off-Track MP3

2004-08-04     Paul's Thorn MP3
2004-08-11     Don't Birth an Ishmael MP3
2004-08-29     Genesis 1 Life in a Genesis 3 World MP3
2004-09-01     Where Do I Fit In? MP3
2004-09-08     From Words to Reaping MP3
2004-09-12     Facing the Storms with Jesus MP3
2004-09-15     Understanding Doctrine MP3
2004-09-22     Preparation for Promotion MP3
2004-09-26     The Course of a Nation MP3
2004-09-26     Let This Mind Be in You MP3
2004-09-29     Drawing From Holy Ground MP3
2004-10-10     Don't Stop Now MP3
2004-10-10     The Power of His Resurrection MP3
2004-10-13     Thus Sayeth the Lord MP3
2004-10-20     Interceding for the Unknown MP3
2004-10-27     New Kingdom; New Laws MP3
2004-10-31     Kingdom Doctrine MP3
2004-11-03     Right Confessions MP3
2004-11-14     You Can Be What He Says MP3
2004-11-21     Why You Can Be What He Says MP3
2004-11-21     Persecuted for Believing What He Says MP3
2004-11-28     The Blessing of Abraham MP3
2004-11-28     Grace and the Blessing of Abraham MP3
2004-12-01     His Joy; Your Strength MP3
2004-12-05     Avoid the Ministry of a Novice MP3
2004-12-05     Watch Out for Pride MP3
2004-12-12     Ready Always to Answer MP3
2004-12-15     Stand Fast MP3
2004-12-19     Be It Unto Me MP3
2004-12-19     The Shepherds Still Rejoiced MP3
2004-12-29     Mary Versus Martha MP3



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