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2005-01-02     Establishing the Father's will MP3
2005-01-02     Returning to the Upper Room MP3
2005-01-02     The Holy Spirit & the Father's Will MP3
2005-01-05     What is Your Doctrine? MP3
2005-01-09     His Life; Our Victory MP3
2005-01-09     The Father's Will in Us MP3
2005-01-16     Parents, Kids & Christ MP3
2005-01-16     Faithful to the End MP3
2005-01-30     God's Plan Has Answers MP3
2005-02-06     Motes, Beams & Trees MP3
2005-02-06     How Healing Manifests MP3
2005-02-09     Don't Make a Faith Mistake MP3
2005-02-12     You Can't Change People MP3
2005-02-13     Crossroads of Change MP3
2005-02-16     Grace Will Get You Through MP3
2005-02-20     Narrow Path Versus Broad Path MP3
2005-02-20     Persecuted for Truth MP3
2005-02-27     Are You Living By A Mishna? MP3
2005-02-27     It's About the Heart MP3
2005-03-02     Take the First Step MP3
2005-03-13     Comprehending God's Love MP3
2005-03-13     Effective Evangelism MP3
2005-03-16     Developing Spiritual Thinking MP3
2005-03-20     Perfected to Teach MP3
2005-03-20     Enduring for Truth MP3
2005-03-23     Take It, It's Yours MP3
2005-03-27     His Death; Our Life MP3
2005-03-30     The Holy Spirit Protects You MP3
2005-04-03     A Way of Escape MP3
2005-04-06     Confronting Error MP3
2005-04-13     Righteousness, Law and Grace MP3
2005-04-17     What is Your Next Step MP3
2005-04-20     Confess for Results MP3
2004-05-24     Dying Unto Death MP3
2005-04-27     Bondage Mentality MP3
2005-05-01     Don't Trust in the Flesh MP3
2005-05-15     Committing Judgment Unto God MP3
2005-05-15     Don't Get Balaamed MP3
2005-05-18     Did God Harden Hearts? MP3
2005-05-29     Robbed of Truth MP3
2005-06-01     Right Results; Wrong Methods MP3
2005-06-05     Leave Samaria's Mountain MP3
2005-06-05     Jesus is Still Lord MP3
2005-06-08     The Spirits of the Prophets MP3
2005-06-12     Are You Approved Unto God? MP3
2005-06-22     Have You Laid Down Your Life MP3
2005-06-29     Going Beyond You MP3

2005-07-06     Run Your Race MP3
2005-07-10     Where Have They Gone? MP3
2005-07-13     Are You Ready for Macedonia? MP3
2005-07-17     Affirmed of God MP3
2005-07-20     The Great Commission MP3
2005-07-24     Delivered From Death MP3
2005-07-27     Vessels of Life MP3
2005-08-07     This is the Way MP3
2005-08-10     Seduced From Truth MP3
2005-08-14     Identify the Real Problem MP3
2005-08-17     Two Ways of Thinking MP3
2005-08-21     Why Did God Allow It? MP3
2005-08-21     Rejoice in the Lord MP3
2005-08-24     How to Conquer a Nation MP3
2005-08-28     What Is Your Foundation? MP3
2005-08-31     Do What is Now MP3
2005-09-07     The Holy Spirit is Your Teacher MP3
2005-09-11     Comfort in Jesus MP3
2005-09-14     Is This Blasphemy? MP3
2005-09-21     Knowing God's Will MP3
2005-09-28     The Life and the Call of God MP3
2005-10-09     From Confession to Manifestation MP3
2005-10-09     Judgment and Change MP3
2005-10-09     Judgment and Change MP3
2005-10-12     Knowledge Produces Change MP3
2005-10-16     Seed Needs Light and Water MP3
2005-10-16     Could it be a Devil? MP3
2005-10-21     Break Camp, Advance 7 Possess MP3
2005-10-23     Hearing His Voice MP3
2005-10-26     Drawn by the Father MP3
2005-10-30     Never Doubt God's Love MP3
2005-11-02     Strengthen What IS Weak MP3
2005-11-09     Jesus: God's Example of Love MP3
2005-11-13     Prophesy to Your Dry Bones MP3
2005-11-16     To Grow or Not To Grow MP3
2005-11-17     Stepping Out in Ministry MP3
2005-11-27     Son of God Faith MP3
2005-11-27     All Because of Jesus MP3
2005-11-30     Change Begins in the Spirit MP3
2005-12-11     God Looks for Change MP3
2005-12-18     Life From the River MP3
2005-12-24     The Christmas Life MP3



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