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2007-01-03     What Will Be Different? MP3
2007-01-07     What is Coming? MP3
2007-01-07     Prayer and Confessions MP3
2007-01-14     Where Has God Drawn You? MP3
2007-01-17     Seeing With Spiritual Eyes MP3
2007-01-24     Are You Taking Heed? MP3
2007-01-31     Serving Our Householder MP3
2007-02-04     Fulfilling Your Call MP3
2007-02-07     Kingdom Service and Promotion MP3
2007-02-17     The Purging Word MP3
2007-02-18     The Path to the Image MP3
2007-02-21     Why Tongues? MP3
2007-03-01     Experiencing God's Presence (Pt 1) MP3
2007-03-04     Experiencing God's Presence (Pt 2) MP3
2007-03-07     The Willing Remnant MP3
2007-03-14     Administrating the Kingdom MP3
2007-03-21     Mysteries Yet to be Revealed MP3
2007-03-28     Becoming a Timothy MP3
2007-04-01     Is It Works or Grace? MP3
2007-04-01     The Cycle of the Church MP3
2007-04-04     Dealing With "Second Sons" MP3
2007-04-08     Passing From Death to Life MP3
2007-04-11     Is God Speaking to You? MP3
2007-04-15     The Civil War Within MP3
2007-04-15     Receiving Your Sight MP3
2007-04-18     Our Priestly Anointing MP3
2007-04-22     God Is Doing All He Can MP3
2007-04-22     Spiritual Constants in a Changing World MP3
2007-04-25     Permission, Cause and Will MP3
2007-04-29     Returning to Our Roots MP3
2007-04-29     A Time, A Place, A Message, A Voice MP3
2007-05-02     Finish Your Course MP3
2007-05-06     When God Speaks MP3
2007-05-06     God Doesn't Hold Grudges MP3
2007-05-09     Would Jesus Get a Tattoo? MP3
2007-05-13     Wood From the Mountain MP3
2007-05-16     Preparing a Habitation for God MP3
2007-05-20     Your Water Can Be Wine MP3
2007-05-23     Warring Worship MP3
2007-05-26     God's Word Produces God's Will MP3
2007-05-30     Must Worship and Prayer Be Out Loud? MP3
2007-06-10     Guard Your Heart MP3
2007-06-13     Develop Your Sight MP3
2007-06-20     The Spirit-Dominated Soul MP3
2007-06-27     We Prophesy Our Future MP3

2007-07-01     Divine Wisdom Produces Divine Living MP3
2007-07-11     The Power of God's Peace MP3
2007-07-22     The Shell Must Die MP3
2007-07-25     Keeping Abraham 'Abraham' MP3
2007-08-01     The Corrupted Proselyte MP3
2007-08-08     Releasing "What Was" MP3
2007-08-15     Pray for Revelation MP3
2007-08-19     Developing an Abrahamic Vision MP3
2007-08-19     Joy Produces Strength MP3
2007-08-22     Nurturing the Anointing MP3
2007-08-26     The Planting of a Prophecy MP3
2007-08-29     The Hidden Will Be Made Known MP3
2007-09-05     God Is Not Ignoring Sin MP3
2007-09-12     Is Hardship God's Will? MP3
2007-09-16     Spiritual Warfare & Confessions MP3
2007-09-19     Obedience Leads to Experience MP3
2007-09-23     Why the Day of Pentecost? MP3
2007-09-26     Hearing the Voice of the Shepherd MP3
2007-09-30     Who Can Take Communion? MP3
2007-10-03     Determine Your Destiny MP3
2007-10-14     Questions & Answers MP3
2007-10-21     Are 'Atonement Offerings' for Christians? MP3
2007-10-24     Is Ishmael in Your Tent? MP3
2007-10-26     Where Are Aaron & Hur? MP3
2007-10-28     Question: Praying for the Sick MP3
2007-10-31     The Harvest is Coming MP3
2007-11-04     All Things to All People MP3
2007-11-07     Your Limitations Don't Limit You MP3
2007-11-11     Choosing Our Destiny (2008 Elections) MP3
2007-11-11     Confessing Our Destiny (2008 Elections) MP3
2007-11-11     Doing Nothing is Doing Everything MP3
2007-11-18     Did Achan Go To Heaven? MP3
2007-11-28     Living the Nazarite Life MP3
2007-11-30     Intercession for Our Nation MP3
2007-12-02     Judge Self First MP3
2007-12-05     Q re: National Curse & Streets of Gold MP3
2007-12-09     Sent Like Jesus MP3
2007-12-12     The Predictable Character of God MP3
2007-12-19     Unstoppable Unity MP3
2007-12-23     Jesus: His Presence and His Presents MP3
2007-12-23     Will You Leave Your Sheep? MP3
2007-12-26     In What Will You Trust? MP3
2007-12-30     As It Was in the Days of Noah MP3
2007-12-30     As It Was in the Days of Lot MP3



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