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2008-01-02     Needed: Righteous Leaders MP3
2008-01-06     Why Worship in Tongues? MP3
2008-01-06     Responsibility to the Call MP3
2008-01-09     The Practical Approach to Problems MP3
2008-01-13     Truth's Anointing Released MP3
2008-01-13     Truth's Anointing Released MP3
2008-01-16     Release of Authority MP3
2008-01-20     How to Change Your Life MP3
2008-01-20     Enlarge Your Tent MP3
2008-01-23     Why is it Taking So Long? MP3
2008-01-30     When Perfect Becomes Good MP3
2008-02-03     What Life Are You Living? MP3
2008-02-03     We Don't Need a King MP3
2008-02-06     The Three Natures of Man MP3
2008-02-10     Why Send the Holy Spirit? MP3
2008-02-10     Nothing Shall Be Impossible MP3
2008-02-13     Predestination and God's Will MP3
2008-02-17     The Experience of the Holy Ghost MP3
2008-02-17     A Tale of Two Minds MP3
2008-02-20     Blessings Fulfilled MP3
2008-02-23     The Help of the Holy Spirit MP3
2008-02-23     The Worship of the Priests MP3
2008-02-27     Jesus: Our Measuring Stick MP3
2008-03-02     The Teaching Ministry of the Holy Spirit MP3
2008-03-02     Stay Focused on the Goal MP3
2008-03-12     The Holy Spirit and Your New Nature MP3
2008-03-16     Our God: Merciful Yet Unyielding MP3
2008-03-19     The Holy Spirit and God's Voice MP3
2008-03-23     Easter's Restoration MP3
2008-04-02     Partial Obedience Is Still Disobedience MP3
2008-04-09     Confusing Pruning MP3
2008-04-16     Jesus Already Conquered The Problem MP3
2008-04-23     Our Approach Toward Purveyors of Error MP3
2008-04-30     The Azusa Example MP3
2008-05-07     The Holy Spirit's Goal For You MP3
2008-05-14     Was Jesus the Messiah? MP3
2008-05-21     Hearing the Holy Spirit Speak MP3
2008-06-04     Concerns About Revival MP3
2008-06-15     The Unchangeable Standard* MP3
2008-06-16     The Word and Our Thinking* MP3
2008-06-16     The Sown Word Grows* MP3
2008-06-17     Fasting Brings Change* MP3
2008-06-17     Why Confession Works* MP3
2008-06-18     The Sin of Unforgiveness* MP3
2008-06-18     Tongues, the Holy Spirit & Jesus* MP3
2008-06-19     Change By Choice* MP3
2008-06-19     Worship for Change* MP3
2008-06-20     The Greatest Warning to Christians* MP3
2008-06-20     What Will Be Different?* MP3
2008-06-22     Do Not Be Deceived* MP3
2008-06-25     Take Heed That No Man Deceives You* MP3
2008-06-29     Taking the Next Step MP3

2008-07-02     Serving in Our Priesthood MP3
2008-07-09     Is Conflict Inevitable? MP3
2008-07-13     Was I Born This Way? MP3
2008-07-13     Identifying Your Storm MP3
2008-07-16     But I Say Unto You MP3
2008-07-20     The Power of Forgiveness MP3
2008-07-20     The Danger of Unforgiveness MP3
2008-07-23     The Anointing Comes God's Way MP3
2008-07-27     The Bondage of Unforgiveness MP3
2008-07-27     Established on the Rock MP3
2008-07-30     Living in the Storehouse MP3
2008-08-03     The Deadly Nature of Unforgiveness MP3
2008-08-03     No Weakness in His Strength MP3
2008-08-10     Lawsuits and Steps to Forgiveness MP3
2008-08-10     Must Apostles & Prophets Act Strangely? MP3
2008-08-17     Lessons from Lakeland MP3
2008-08-17     Nineveh is Waiting MP3
2008-08-24     The String Theory and Scripture MP3
2008-09-03     Beware of Familiar Spirits MP3
2008-09-14     The Habitation of Glory MP3
2008-09-17     A Mouthful of Change MP3
2008-09-21     Are You Washing Your Nets? MP3
2008-09-24     The Second Circumcision MP3
2008-09-28     Generations of Lies MP3
2008-10-12     Warring Words MP3
2008-10-15     Faith Temptations MP3
2008-10-19     God's Grace is Sufficient MP3
2008-10-22     Salvation's Confession MP3
2008-10-26     A Monkey for Jesus MP3
2008-10-29     The Golden Shield MP3
2008-11-02     Do You Need Peace? MP3
2008-11-05     What Happened? (Post-2008 Elections) MP3
2008-11-23     Seven Signs of a Cult MP3
2008-12-07     Baptism's Divine Identification MP3
2008-12-10     Who Is Your Micaiah? MP3
2008-12-17     Are Prayer Cloths Scriptural? MP3
2008-12-21     Is Celebrating Christmas a Pagan Ritual MP3
2008-12-21     Get Violent and Get the Kingdom MP3



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