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2009-01-04     Getting Rid of What You Can't See MP3
2009-01-07     Preparing for a Move of God MP3
2009-02-08     Where Was My Healing? MP3
2009-02-11     Born Again and Anointed MP3
2009-02-15     The Life of God and the Mind of Christ MP3
2009-03-01     Are You Truly Living By Faith? MP3
2009-03-04     Committed to Change MP3
2009-03-08     How Safe Are We? MP3
2009-03-15     Freedom Received and Freedom Lived MP3
2009-03-18     Keeping the Unity of the Spirit MP3
2009-03-22     Do Curses Work on Christians? MP3
2009-03-22     When Jesus is a Quadriplegic MP3
2009-03-25     Dealing With Familiar Spirits MP3
2009-03-29     The Empowerment of Authority MP3
2009-03-29     I Want to Hear God (Pt. 1) MP3
2009-04-01     I Want to Hear God (Pt. 2) MP3
2009-04-05     Where is the Change? MP3
2009-04-05     Your Calling and Your Doctrine MP3
2009-04-08     The Key to Unlocking Scripture MP3
2009-04-12     The Resurrection's Restoration MP3
2009-04-15     Perfect and Thoroughly Furnished MP3
2009-04-19     Judgment Has Begun (Pt. 1) MP3
2009-04-19     Judgment Has Begun (Pt. 2) MP3
2009-04-22     Questions: Tamar; Abraham & Moses MP3
2009-04-29     The Servant-Mind of Christ MP3
2009-05-02     Are You Learning or Building? MP3
2009-05-02     Questions: Music; Soul & Spirit MP3
2009-05-06     Questions: Heaven; Security; Job MP3
2009-05-13     Questions: 1 John 5:16 MP3
2009-05-17     Going to the Next Level MP3
2009-05-20     Faith Unto Healing MP3
2009-05-27     Questions: How Did Jesus Know? MP3
2009-05-31     A Prophecy on Prophecy MP3
2009-06-03     Questions: Does God Hear a Backslider's Prayer? MP3
2009-06-07     Look Up in Distress MP3
2009-06-10     Are You Willing and Obedient? MP3
2009-06-17     Walk the Path MP3
2009-06-27     Prophecies MP3
2009-07-01     Grow Beyond the First Principles MP3
2009-07-05     Don't Skydive Drunk MP3
2009-07-08     Trends and Discipleship MP3
2009-07-12     Success God's Way MP3
2009-07-15     No More Sand and Stars MP3
2009-07-19     The New Watchmen MP3
2009-07-22     Reaching the Lost New Testament Style MP3
2009-07-26     Beware the Voice of Hananiah MP3
2009-07-29     Don't Be a Vulcan Christian MP3
2009-08-02     Are Your Branches Bearing Fruit? MP3
2009-08-02     What Is the Trial of Faith? MP3
2009-08-05     Are You Ready to Follow? MP3
2009-08-12     The Path to the Vision MP3
2009-08-16     My Church Stinks MP3
2009-08-16     Impatient or Expectant MP3
2009-08-19     Do My Prayers Guarantee Another's Salvation? MP3
2009-08-23     With Maturity Comes Blessings (Pt. 1) MP3
2009-08-23     With Maturity Comes Blessings (Pt. 2) MP3
2009-08-26     Servant of Friend? MP3
2009-08-30     Gifts of Change? MP3
2009-08-30     God's Will and Our Choices MP3

2009-09-03     Where are the Results? MP3
2009-09-06     Are You Really Living By Faith? MP3
2009-09-09     Redirecting Our Focus MP3
2009-09-11     Understanding Our Spiritual Life* MP3
2009-09-12     Released from the Prison House* MP3
2009-09-13     We Must Apply Kingdom Standards* MP3
2009-09-13     Sweet Waters from the Fountain of Life* MP3
2009-09-16     With Maturity Comes Promotion MP3
2009-09-20     The Snare of the Fowler MP3
2009-09-20     God Will Take You Back MP3
2009-09-23     The Reality of Your Calling MP3
2009-09-27     The Power of Divine Appointments MP3
2009-09-27     Prophesy Your Destiny MP3
2009-09-30     The Glory is Coming MP3
2009-10-11     The Soul is a Taskmaster MP3
2009-10-14     Digging for the Mysteries MP3
2009-10-18     A Book of Acts Christian MP3
2009-10-18     Praying Out Your Future MP3
2009-10-21     Does It Really Matter? MP3
2009-10-25     Where is the Holiness? (Pt. 1) MP3
2009-10-25     Where is the Holiness? (Pt. 21) MP3
2009-10-28     The Transforming Power of Truth MP3
2009-11-01     From Scattered to Structured MP3
2009-11-01     When Glory Becomes Haran MP3
2009-11-04     Are You Ticked? MP3
2009-11-08     The Army of Worshippers MP3
2009-11-08     The Simplicity of Christianity MP3
2009-11-15     Stewarding Personal Prophecy MP3
2009-11-15     Clouding Godly Judgment MP3
2009-11-18     Superstitious Christianity MP3
2009-11-22     Gideon and Revival MP3
2009-11-22     Reconciliation and Revival MP3
2009-11-29     Who is Sowing Into Your Life? MP3
2009-11-29     Are You Willing to Have Revival? MP3
2009-12-02     Revival and Your Life MP3
2009-12-06     Are You Ready for Jesus? MP3
2009-12-09     Revival and Judgment MP3
2009-12-13     Why Couldn't We Heal Him? MP3
2009-12-13     How Long Will It Take? MP3
2009-12-16     How Did I Get Here? MP3
2009-12-20     What is He to you? MP3
2009-12-20     It's in the Kingdom MP3
2009-12-23     Godly Leaven MP3
2009-12-27     Will You Live in Regrets? MP3
2009-12-27     God's Word, My Word's, Victory MP3
2009-12-30     Where is My Healing? MP3



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