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2017-01-01     Faith 11 Faith is Your Shield MP3 VID PDF
2017-01-04     Seeking Him is Our Choice MP3 VID
2017-01-08     Faith 12: Faith That Isn't Faith MP3 VID PDF
2017-01-11     Learning to Pray MP3 VID
2017-01-15     Faith 13: Faith's Fruitful Mouth MP3 VID PDF
2017-01-15     Mortification's Harsh Truth MP3 VID
2017-01-18     Words for Meditation (19) MP3 VID PDF
2017-01-22     Faith 14: Faith can be Hindered MP3 VID PDF
2017-01-22     Our Nation at a Crossroads MP3 VID PDF
2017-01-25     Who's Dwelling in Your Prophet's Chamber MP3 VID
2017-01-27     God's Goal for Your Life MP3
2017-01-28     Beguiled From the Goal MP3
2017-01-28     Developing the Goal MP3
2017-01-29     The Holy Spirit and the Goal MP3
2017-01-29     Keep Pressing, Pressing, Pressing MP3
2017-02-01     How to Unlock God's Blessings MP3 VID
2017-02-05     Emotions: Are You Controlling or Controlled? (I) MP3 VID PDF
2017-02-05     Emotions: Are You Controlling or Controlled (II)s MP3 VID
2017-02-08     Corrupted Thinking Leads to Corrupted Living MP3 VID
2017-02-12     Multiplied Grace and Peace (Pt 1) MP3 VID PDF
2017-02-12     Multiplied Grace and Peace (Pt 2) MP3 VID
2017-02-19     God Has Established Order MP3
2017-02-19     Established Order vs Established Traditions MP3 VID
2017-02-20     Established Order for Salvation's Knowledge MP3 VID
2017-02-21     Established Order and the Pastor MP3 VID
2017-02-22     Staying in Established Order MP3 VID
2017-02-26     The Impact of Praying in Tongues (I) MP3 VID
2017-02-26     The Impact of Praying in Tongues (II) MP3 VID
2017-03-01     The More You Know, the Less You Ask MP3 VID
2017-03-05     Moses, the Golden Calf and Chrstians MP3 VID
2017-03-05     Truth About Job MP3 VID
2017-03-12     Why Will You Endure to the End? MP3 VID
2017-03-12     Words for Meditation (20) MP3 VID PDF
2017-03-15     The Grace, The Gift, The Call MP3 VID
2017-03-17     Exposing Errors in the Faith Teaching MP3
2017-03-18     Breaking Down Faith's Formula MP3
2017-03-18     Faith's Critical Confession MP3
2017-03-19     Faith's Critical Key MP3
2017-03-19     Faith, Power & Prophecy MP3
2017-03-22     The Attack on Your Faith MP3 VID
2017-03-26     Trees, Fruit & Judgment MP3 VID
2017-03-26     Is There Marriage in Heaven? MP3 VID
2017-03-29     How to Become a False Prophet MP3 VID
2017-04-02     Receiving the Desires of Your Heart MP3 VID
2017-04-02     Is Time Speeding Up? MP3 VID PDF
2017-04-05     Facing Reality vs Ignorant Faith MP3 VID
2017-04-09     Are You a Victim of Traditions? MP3 VID
2017-04-09     You Must Do It God's Way MP3 VID
2017-04-12     This is Your Freedom from Sin MP3 VID
2017-04-15     The Resurrection is the Life MP3 VID
2017-04-19     Have You Cooked Your Oxen? MP3 VID
2017-04-23     What is Your Belief's True Starting Point? MP3 VID
2017-04-30     No Option: Thinking Must Change MP3 VID
2017-05-03     God's Word Alone Will Do That MP3 VID
2017-05-07     Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood MP3 VID
2017-05-07     The New Testament Church Test MP3 VID
2017-05-10     A Brief Look at Spiritual Warfare MP3 VID
2017-05-14     Endurance: Press Beyond the Flesh MP3 VID
2017-05-21     The Law Still Has a Purpose MP3 VID
2017-05-21     A Major Challenge of Revival MP3 VID
2017-05-24     Words for Meditation (21) MP3 VID PDF
2017-05-28     How to be an Irritating Christian MP3 VID
2017-05-31     Christ-Like Humility MP3 VID

2017-06-04     I Want "The Anointing" MP3 VID
2017-06-04     Are You Ready for Confrontation? MP3 VID
2017-06-07     Four Levels of Evangelism MP3 VID
2017-06-11     How to Deal with "Those Feelings" Pt 1 MP3 VID
2017-06-11     How to Deal with "Those Feelings" Pt 2 MP3 VID
2017-06-18     We Have the Father's Life MP3
2017-06-18     The Foundation Never Changes MP3
2017-06-20     Established Heart and Equipped to Teach MP3
2017-06-21     The Foundation of Meditation MP3
2017-06-23     Stars, Sand and God's Word MP3
2017-06-24     A Father's Life Mindset MP3
2017-06-24     Developing a Father's Life Mindset MP3
2017-06-25     The Holy Spirit and the Father's Life MP3 VID
2017-06-25     The Holy Spirit and the Foundation MP3 VID
2017-06-28     Superman and Clark Kent MP3
2017-07-02     Wars & Rumors of Wars MP3 VID
2017-07-02     The Most Destructive Of All MP3 VID
2017-07-05    Are You Wearing a Fig Leaf? MP3 VID
2017-07-09     A Huge Mistake in Today's Church MP3 VID
2017-07-09     The Serpent's Sermon MP3 VID
2017-07-12     Don't Underestimate God MP3 VID
2017-07-16     Judgment of the Priesthood MP3 VID
2017-07-16     The Kingdom Constitution MP3 VID
2017-07-19     Are You Sure It's A Demon? MP3 VID
2017-08-02     Theologics MP3 VID
2017-08-09     Is Cremation a Sin? MP3 VID
2017-08-13     Promotable Integrity MP3 VID
2017-08-16     Do You Fear the Devil? MP3 VID
2017-08-20     False Prophets 1 - The Set-Up MP3 VID
2017-08-20     If Two of You Shall Agree MP3 VID
2017-08-23     Everything is Ready MP3 VID
2017-08-27     False Prophets 2 - The Spirits of the Prophets MP3 VID
2017-08-27     Avoid These Mistakes MP3 VID
2017-09-03     Christians and the Sabbath MP3 VID
2017-09-06     What is Your Pharaoh? MP3 VID
2017-09-10     False Prophets 3: The Ministry and the Gift MP3 VID
2017-09-10     You Are Not A Failure MP3 VID
2017-09-13     Are Your Eyes Serving You? MP3 VID
2017-09-17     False Prophets 4: Soul and Spirit MP3 VID
2017-09-17     Prayer & Praise: Critical Keys to Revival MP3 VID
2017-09-20     Whose Responsibility: God's or Mine? MP3 VID
2017-09-24     False Prophets 5: The Herd Mentality MP3 VID
2017-09-24     God's Vessels of Revival MP3 VID
2017-09-27     A Christian's Greatest Need MP3 VID
2017-10-02     The New Nature and the Word MP3
2017-10-06     Who Are you Following? MP3 VID
2017-10-08     False Prophets 6: Where Are you Headed? MP3 VID
2017-10-08     Is It Theory or Reality? MP3 VID
2017-10-11     What Are Your Roadblocks MP3 VID
2017-10-15     Mortifying Your Past (Pt. 1) MP3 VID
2017-10-15     Mortifying Your Past (Pt. 2) MP3 VID
2017-10-18     Raise the Gate, the Enemy Cometh MP3 VID
2017-10-22     Worship, the Word and the Holy Spirit (UR80) MP3 VID PDF
2017-10-22     Complete Deliverance is in Christ MP3 VID
2017-10-25     Overcoming What Looks Impossible MP3 VID
2017-10-27     Revival for Your City MP3
2017-10-28     God Provides for a City's Revival MP3
2017-10-28     Revival Wisdom and Satan's Anger MP3
2017-10-29     Revival and Warfare MP3
2017-10-29     Revival Restoration, Declaration and Recreation MP3
2017-11-01     This is the Real War MP3 VID
2017-11-05     What is the Foundation of Your Doctrine? (Pt 1) MP3 VID
2017-11-05     What is the Foundation of Your Doctrine? (Pt 2) MP3 VID
2017-11-08     Acting on the Diagnosis MP3 VID
2017-11-12     Discipline in the Church (pt 1) MP3 VID
2017-11-12     Discipline in the Church (Pt 2) MP3 VID
2017-11-15     Where is Revival? MP3 VID
2017-11-19     God's Word on Church Growth MP3 VID
2017-11-19     Grace Will Carry You Through MP3
2017-11-26     Faith, Medicine and Healing MP3 PDF
2017-11-26     Their Eyes Are Upon You MP3
2017-11-29     Killing Yourself Softly MP3 VID
2017-12-03     The Doctrine of the Ten MP3 VID
2017-12-06     What Are you Bringing Into the House? MP3 VID
2017-12-10     Can a Christian Be Cursed? MP3 VID
2017-12-13     It Won't Happen to Me MP3 VID
2017-12-17     The Shepherds and Jesus' Birth MP3 VID
2017-12-20     God's Cloud of Judgment MP3 VID
2017-12-24     Is There Room for Jesus? MP3 VID
2017-12-27     To Go Or Not To Go MP3 VID
2017-12-31     Fasting to Change Your Future MP3 VID



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