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(1) S103 Are Tongues & The Gifts For Today?
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit either are or are not for all Christians today. Left in context, scripture reveasls the truth.

1  The Promise Of The Father MP3
2  Of The Devil? 1 Cor 13 MP3
3  Do All Speak? MP3
4  Church Started MP3
5  Passed Away - Your Religion MP3

(2) S104 Praying In Tongues: What Am I Saying?
An excellent follow-up to Series 103. You will learn about the interaction between the Holy Spirit and Christians as they pray in tongues.

1  What Am I Saying? -l MP3
2  What Am I Saying? -ll MP3

(3) S117 The Resident Anointing
Jesus declared that Christians can do the works that He did. But is it true that any Christian can open blind eyes and deaf ears, heal sickness and deformities, cast out devils, and raise the dead? This series may well be the most life-changing set of tapes you'll ever hear!

1  The Resident Anointing - Part 1 MP3
2  The Resident Anointing - Part 2 MP3
3  Proof Of Resident Anointing MP3
4  Resident Anointing's Power MP3
5  Qualified For Resident Anointing MP3
6  Why You Need - Resident Anointing MP3
7  The Manifested Resident Anointing MP3
8  Developing The Resident Anointing MP3

(4) S121 The Power Of Praying In Tongues
A tremendous companion series to #117. You will learn how praying in tongues helps you conform to the image of Christ, overcome infirmities of the flesh, the Holy Spirit's role in helping you fulfill your ministry, and how God's anointing is released in you.

1  Rather That Ye May Prophesy MP3
2  What Are Infirmities? MP3
3  The Holy Spirit & Our Infirmities MP3
4  Tongues & Healing MP3
5  Tongues & Truth MP3
6  Tongues & Sonship MP3
7  Tongues & Our Inheritance MP3
8  Tongues & Unity MP3

(5) S143 The Works That I Do
In John 14:12, Jesus declared that we would be able to do the works that He did. This being true, it should go without saying that we need to find out exactly what those works are, what qualifies us to do them, and how we are to do them.

1  The Works That I Do MP3
2  The Works That I Do MP3
3  The Works That I Do MP3
4  The Works That I Do MP3
5  The Works That I Do MP3
6  The Works That I Do MP3
7  The Works That I Do MP3

(6) S154 How The Holy Spirit Teaches Us
Discover the Holy Spirit's teaching process, how He transfers information to us, and why many Christians mistakenly believe they are receiving instruction from the Holy Spirit when they really aren't.

1  The Inspiration Of God MP3
2  The Holy Spirit Our Teacher MP3
3  Being Taught By Our Teacher MP3

(7) S172 The Person Of The Holy Spirit
Most Christians seem to have a basic understanding and knowledge of Jesus and the Heavenly Father. But when it comes to the Third Person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit, there is much debate about what He is doing in the church today. This series examines the person of the Holy Spirit and identifies 33 specific aspects of His ministry.

1  Who Is The Holy Spirit? MP3
2  The Holy Spirit, The OT, and Jesus MP3
3  The Holy Spirit & Spiritual Renewal MP3
4  Filled With The Holy Spirit MP3
5  Why The Holy Spirit Is Here MP3
6  Letting The Holy Spirit Do His Job MP3



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