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(1) S183 Christianity & The Law
Are Christians supposed to attend church on Saturday? Are we cursed if we do not tithe? Do we need to observe the Jewish Feasts as was done in the Old Testament? What did Jesus and the Apostles teach about observing the Law of Moses? These exciting messages will unlock passages of scripture to help Believers know exactly what God expects.

1  Christianity and the Law MP3
2  When the Law was Given MP3
3  You Had Better Guard Your Heart MP3
4  The Goal of the Law MP3
5  Jesus and the Law MP3
6  The Apostles and the Law MP3
7  From the Shadow Into the Light MP3
8  Symbolism in the Law MP3
9  This is the Day MP3
10  Lord of the Sabbath MP3
11  The Eternal Sabbath MP3

(2) S184 Inherited Benefits
Many businesses offer their employees benefits such as life insurance, paid holidays, health insurance, bonuses, and so on. But did you know that God has established benefits for those who are His children?

1  Bless the Lord MP3
2  Forever Forgiven MP3
3  Sickness Conquered MP3
4  Redeemed From Destruction MP3
5  Unearned Mercy MP3
6  Satisfied and Renewed MP3
7  Judgement Carried Out MP3
8  God's Ways Revealed MP3
9  This is the Day MP3
10  Authority and Dominion MP3

(3) S185 The 23rd Psalm Shepherd
This extremely detailed series examines both Old Testament prophecies and New Testament teachings to reveal that the 23rd Psalm is, in part, a standard of expectations the Lord has established for all pastors. Don't be surprised if, as you listen to these messages, your eyes are opened to how many traditional beliefs about pastoring are completely unscriptural!

1  Woe to the Shepherds MP3
2  Is Your Ear Marked MP3
3  I Shall Not Want MP3
4  God's Green Pastures MP3
5  The Still Waters of Life MP3
6  Divine Restoration MP3
7  The Paths of Righteousness MP3
8  Through the Valley MP3
9  The Shepherd's Rod MP3
10  The Shepherd's Staff MP3
11  Preparing the Table (I) MP3
12  Preparing the Table (II) MP3
13  The Anointing of God MP3
14  The Overflowing Cup MP3
15  Ministering Goodness and Mercy MP3
16  Dwelling in the Lord's House MP3

(4) S186 The Prison of Unforgiveness
One of the most dangerous things a Christian can do is hold to unforgiveness. It is a despicable trap Satan lays that can lead to hardship, struggles, and even death! Sadly, many Christians are living in unforgiveness toward others...and don't even realize it!

1  The Power of Forgiveness MP3
2  The Danger of Unforgiveness MP3
3  The Bondage of Unforgiveness MP3
4  The Deadly Nature of Unforgiveness MP3
5  Lawsuits and Steps to Unforgiveness MP3

(5) S187 Healing the Brokenhearted
Jesus said, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me...to heal the brokenhearted..." This anointing will bring about permanent healing to those who are depressed, broken, in anguish and in heartache, regardless of the events leading up to these inner-struggles. The sermons in this series will show you how to access this yoke-destroying anointing to live a life free from the emotional anchors that only serve to devestate a person's life!

1  Anointed to Heal MP3
2  Choose Your Path MP3
3  The God-Interest Path MP3
4  Healing's First Step MP3
5  Dealing With Your Past MP3
6  Authority Over Brokenness MP3
7  Unforgiveness Stops Inner-Healing MP3
8  The Healing Mindset MP3
9  The Believing Mind MP3
10  The Healing Anointing MP3
11  Healing Through Worship MP3

(7) S189 Breaking Every Addiction

1  Confronted With Truth MP3
2  You Must Want It MP3
3  What Is An Addiction MP3
4  Accept God's Counsel MP3
5  Counsel on the Divine Divan MP3
6  Neurons, Dendrites & God's Word MP3
7  Following God's Pattern MP3
8  Spiritual Angioplasty MP3
9  The Word, Power & The Holy Spirit MP3
10  The Holy Spirit and Freedom MP3
11  Worship Into Freedom MP3
12  Fasting Into Freedom MP3
13  Grace and Freedom MP3

(8) 190 Identifying and Conquering a Jezebel Spirit

1  The Revelation Warning MP3
2  It Starts with Compromise MP3
3  Silencing the Lambs MP3
4  Who's Sitting at the Table MP3
5  Jezebel is Never a Sunergos MP3
6  An Angel of Light MP3
7  Jezebel's Weapon of Fear MP3
8  A Season to Repent MP3
9  Protect the Vineyard MP3
10  Don't Get Careless MP3
11  You Owe Me MP3
12  Jezebel is Spelled P-R-I-D-E MP3
13  Jezebel Traits in Leadership MP3
14  Pulpit Jezebels & Protection MP3

(9) S191 The Judgement Seat of Christ

1  Sin is Still Sin MP3
2  Remember the Sabbath MP3
3  The God of Absolutes MP3
4  The Power of Your New Nature MP3
5  Avoid the Daughters of Moab MP3
6  The Numbing Voices of Compromise MP3
7  The Voices of Pernicious Ways MP3
8  Roman Warning 1 MP3
9  Roman Warning 2 MP3
10  Roman Warning 3 MP3
11  Roman Warning 4 MP3
12  Patient Continuance MP3
13  Preserving the Body MP3
14  Stubbornness Births Sin MP3
15  Diverted Eyes Are Susceptible to Sin MP3
16  You Are Not Your Own MP3
17  Flee Idolatry MP3
18  Warning the Righteous MP3
19  Galatian Warning 1 MP3
20  Galatian Warning 2 MP3
21  The Ephesian Revelation MP3
22  Ephesian Warning 1 MP3
23  Ephesian Warning 2 MP3
24  The Colossian Warning MP3
25  A Desensitized Spirit MP3
26  Dead While Living MP3
27  Stand Strong Like Timothy MP3
28  Stay Away From Heretics MP3
29  Blasphemy, Unpardonable & Unto Death MP3
30  Why Christians Sin MP3
31  Small Things Aren't Small MP3
32  Ye Ask Amiss MP3
33  Do What Is Right MP3
34  Be Holy In Everything MP3
35  The Reward Of The Unrighteous MP3
36  Are You Walking In Darkness MP3
37  You Must Abide in Jesus MP3
38  You Must Overcome MP3
39  The Most Dangerous Sin of All MP3

(10) S192 - Transformed to the Mind of Christ

1  Satan's Greatest Attack MP3
2  Subtly Beguiled Unto Corruption MP3
3  The Attack Produces Confusion MP3
4  Imprison Those Thoughts MP3
5  Developing the Mind in Christ MP3
6  How to Mature in Christ MP3
7  Tools for Maturity MP3

(11) S193 - The Blood, The Tomb and Believers

1  The Imbalanced Approach MP3
2  God's Original Desire MP3
3  What is a "Nature" MP3
4  The Born Again Prototype MP3
5  Belief Unto Everlasting Life MP3
6  God As Father MP3
7  Honor the Father and the Son MP3
8  Did Jesus Really Die Spiritually - I MP3
9  Did Jesus Really Die Spiritually - II MP3
10  Man Can't Pluck You MP3
11  Man Can't Deny You MP3
12  Aligning Your Mind With Your Spirit MP3


1  Removed, Troubled and Bewitched MP3
2  How Doest it Start (I) MP3
3  How Does it Start (II) MP3
4  The Blind Following the Blind MP3
5  Love Waxing Cold MP3
6  Grace Versus Works (I) MP3
7  Grace Versus Works (II) MP3
8  Are Christians Supposed to Repent (I) MP3
9  Are Christians Supposed to Repent (II) MP3
10  Can Christians Fall Out of Fellowship w/ God MP3
11  Must Sinners Change Their Ways MP3
12  Are Christians To Live By Biblical Truth? MP3
13  There is no Compromise MP3
14  Prayer, Fasting, Worship & The Word MP3
15  Are Christians Under Law or Not? MP3
16  The unpardonable Sin MP3
17  Sin's Power, Temptation, God's Will, Our Life MP3
18  What Jesus Did, Sacred vs Secular MP3
19  Accountability, Grace & Our Promised Land MP3
20  Anointing, Impartation & Activation MP3

(13) 195 Preparing for Revival

1  Willpower vs Mortification MP3
2  What is God's Word to You? MP3
3  Revival's Blueprint MP3
4  Revival's Sure Foundation MP3
5  Revival is Warfare MP3
6  The Season's of Revival MP3

(14) 196 The Days of Jeremiah Are Upon Us

1  The Call of Jeremiah MP3
2  Pt 2 Blaspheming Glory MP3
3  Judgments Are Being Uttered MP3
4  Trading Glory for Vanity MP3
5  The Land Laid Waste MP3
6  The Degenerate Plant MP3
7  The Adulterous Wife MP3
8  The Foolish Children MP3
9  The Prophet and Priest Deal Foolishly MP3
10  As It Was in Shiloh MP3
11  Bones From the Graves MP3
12  Mark Them MP3
13  Pray for Them MP3

(15) 197 Your Spirit, Your Mind and God's Word

1  The Faith and Mind Connection (Tulsa) MP3
2  Align Your Mind with God's Word (Tulsa) MP3
3  The Faith and Mind Connection MP3
4  The Mind Must Be Renewed MP3
5  What is the Standard of Your Mind? MP3
6  Neurons Must Be Filled MP3
7   Are You Thus Minded? MP3
8  Aligned With The Mind Of Christ MP3



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