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(1) S107 Framing Your World
These detailed messages explain how God's word can establish every aspect of your life and ministry.

1  The Counterfeit Kingdom MP3
2  Framing Your World MP3
3  Transformation To The Word MP3
4  God's Word, His Will, & The Lost MP3
5  Framing The World Of Our Finances MP3
6  Framing The World Of Your Health MP3
7  Framing Your Ministry MP3
8  Framing Your Self-Image MP3
9  Framing Your Spiritual Maturity MP3
10  Framing Your Habits MP3
11  Confessions MP3
12  God's Word-Signs, Wonders, Miracles MP3
13  Constant Confession Is The Key MP3

(2) S116 God's True Will
Christians are taught to seek to know God's will concerning their calling, prosperity, healing, etc. But God wants us to first understand a part of His will that causes those other areas fall in line.

1  The True Will Of God MP3
2  Knowing God's True Will MP3

(3) S122 Living God's Plan
PLAN God has a perfect and pre-designed plan for every Christian. These sermons provide guidelines as to how a person can live according to that plan.

1  Living God's Plan MP3
2  Living God's Plan MP3

(4) S124 Excellence In Ministry
As people who are redeemed by the blood of Godís Son, we have a call to serve Him with our life. We also have a responsibility to excel in all we do for Him.

1  Dedication MP3
2  Singleness Of Purpose MP3
3  Follow The Holy Spirit MP3
4  Strip Away The Things Of The World MP3
5  Looking To The World MP3
6  Fasting MP3
7  Prayer MP3

(5) S126 Learning To Hear God's Voice
God does speak to us and we can learn to distinguish between His voice, our own thoughts and the deception of the devil.

1  Learning to Hear God's Voice Pt. 1 MP3
2  Learning to Hear God's Voice Pt. 2 MP3

(6) S129 Lord, What Do I Do?
God knows every decision you should make in order to fulfill His plan for your life. This series will help you learn how to receive that knowledge from Him.

1  Making Right Decisions MP3
2  But I Don't Want To Pray MP3

(7) S133 Taking Heed To Your Ministry
Every Christian is called to some type of ministry. This series goes into detail about the fulfillment of that ministry.

1  Taking Heed To Your Ministry MP3
2  Taking Heed To Your Ministry MP3
3  Taking Heed To Your Ministry MP3
4  Taking Heed To Your Ministry MP3
5  Taking Heed To Your Ministry MP3
6  Taking Heed To Your Ministry MP3
7  Taking Heed To Your Ministry MP3
8  Taking Heed To Your Ministry MP3
9  Taking Heed To Your Ministry MP3
10  Taking Heed To Your Ministry MP3
11  Taking Heed To Your Ministry MP3
12  Taking Heed To Your Ministry MP3

(8) S138 God, What Is Your Plan For Me?
If God is not the author of confusion, then why are so many Christians confused about Godís will and calling?

1  What Is Your Calling? MP3
2  Don't Have Time To Pray MP3
3  The Word & Your Calling MP3
4  Prayer & Your Calling MP3

(9) S164 How To Be Promoted By God
Many Christians spend their lives wondering when God is going to promote them further into their ministry. What they may not realize is that God is looking for characteristics in their lives that qualify them for promotion. This series will help you identify those characteristics.

1  Go The Ant MP3
2  The 24/7 Christian MP3
3  Service Where You Are MP3
4  Anoint Thyself MP3
5  It Is All Yours Lord - Part 1 MP3
6  It Is All Yours Lord - Part 2 MP3

(10) S173 Obtaining Supernatural Knowledge
When the Bible speaks of having the knowledge of God, it isnít simply a matter of understanding His existence. God is prepared to give any Christian knowledge that goes beyond what can be learned in this world. This series explains how you can come to the place of knowing and understanding spiritual mysteries that are only revealed by God.

1  Delivered Through Knowledge MP3
2  Knowledge That Is Spiritual MP3
3  Conceiving Knowledge MP3
4  Knowing What God Knows MP3

(11) S179 God's Pattern For Your Ministry
Regardless of a person's ministry calling, scripture reveals a very specific pattern for ministry development that each Christian must follow in order for his/her ministry to stay in line with God's will.

1  God's Order Produces Success MP3
2  Circumventing Divine Order MP3
3  God's Order For Church Leadership MP3
4  The Set Man, The Established Vision MP3
5  The Set Man & The Vision MP3
6  The Position Of The Set Man MP3
7  Submission To The Set Man MP3
8  The Able Man MP3
9  The Diligent Able Man MP3
10  The Anointed Able Man MP3



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