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(1) S101 - Living The Hundred Fold Life
The 100-fold life is not based on how much money a person gives. It is based totally on your relationship with God. These principles may completely transform your life!

1  Living The 100-Fold Life MP3
2  Living The 100-Fold Life MP3
3  Living The 100-Fold Life MP3
4  Living The 100-Fold Life MP3
5  Living The 100-Fold Life MP3
6  Living The 100-Fold Life MP3
7  Living The 100-Fold Life MP3
8  Living The 100-Fold Life MP3

(2) S120 Financing Revival
REVIVAL Learn how to obtain the finances you are to give and how to know how much God expects you to give to your church and to other ministries.

1  Who Foots The Bill? MP3
2  Are You Being Obedient To God? MP3
3  Tapping Into Grace MP3
4  Are You Robbing God? MP3

(3) S130 Biblical Prosperity
An extremely comprehensive study on prosperity. Such issues as, “give and it shall be given”, “sow and you’ll reap”, “tithe or you’ll be cursed” are examined in detail to find out if they accurately line up with God’s word. Learn what God’s true, scriptural plan for prosperity is all about and how that plan can work in your life.

It is extremely important that you listen to these tapes in order.

1  The Promise, Grace, & The Law MP3
2  Don't Return To Bondage MP3
3  Turn Away From Dead Works MP3
4  No Strings Attached MP3
5  From A Child To A Son MP3
6  Cast Out The Bondwoman MP3
7  Sonship Is Prosperity MP3
8  Prosperity Leaven MP3
9  Splintered Scripture Equals Leaven MP3
10  Exchanging Truth For Leaven MP3
11  Prosperity's Purpose MP3
12  The Elder Son & Believers MP3

13  The Heart Of The Father MP3
14  The Will Of The Father MP3
15  The Angry Citizen MP3
16  Seek Ye First MP3
17  I Choose Slavery MP3
18  Formulas & Our Covenant MP3
19  Malachi 3:8-11 MP3
20  But Abraham Tithed MP3
21  Tithing & The New Covenant MP3
22  Sowing & Reaping MP3
23  Give & It Shall Be Given MP3
24  2 Corinthians 8:9 MP3
25  God, Man, Satan, & Wealth MP3
26  Prioritize For Prosperity MP3
27  Jesus & Money Changers MP3
28  Jesus & The Widow's Mite MP3
29  Jesus & The Power Of Money MP3
30  The Stewardship Test MP3
31  Jesus, Provision, & Pound MP3
32  The Pound & Responsibility MP3
33  God's Plan Equals Your Prosperity MP3
34  Wisdom & Wealth MP3
35  Wisdom Produces Wealth MP3
36  Developing Wisdom MP3
37  Excuse Me, I Have A Question MP3
38  Honesty In Giving MP3
39  For Ye Know The Grace MP3
40  Getting In The Flow Of Grace MP3
41  Experiencing Increase MP3
42  Diligence To Increase MP3
43  The Ministry Of Helps MP3
44  The Anointing Of Increase MP3

(4) S168 The Two Sides Of Giving
These messages examine giving from two perspectives. Some Christians may be surprised at what God says in His word about their giving. On the other hand, there are ministers who may have never considered their accountability to the people who give into their ministry.

1  Why Preachers Press For Money MP3
2  The Other Side Of Giving MP3



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