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Dear Friends,

This month I am sharing two powerful words of prophecy which came forth recently in our church. One has to do with a move of God in these latter days; the other deals with the upcoming presidential elections.

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The condition of the church this day is not what I had intended. Because of the blindness that exists within my church, most of my children do not understand how far beneath the church really is from where I want it to be.

You have come to the place of believing that as long as you are born again, and love me, and demonstrate some level of commitment to me that that is all there is, (and) that is all that is necessary, and that everything else is secondary. But I say to you, that is the condition of a newborn babe; most of my church is in that condition.

Many of those that I have called to preach are preaching out of head knowledge and not spiritual revelation. I have those in my church who have wondered, "How could it get this way; how could it have sunk to this level?" For you see, the deeper you go into me, the more you are going to see what I see.

There are those who will hear these words who are spending their time in churches that I never sent them to attend. But they feel good in those churches and there are times that their emotions are stirred and they believe they are supposed to be in those churches. And yet, I am not blessing those churches the way they think.

You see, anyone who practices enough can move and motivate a congregation emotionally. And there are many outward, physical demonstrations that people say is a move of my Holy Spirit when it is not; it is simply a move of the flesh stirred by emotions.

Because of the way many pastors have walked away from the fullness of what I desire to be taught in my churches, I would rather those churches be closed. And you have a precedent for this; for did I not in the Old Testament declare that Ichabod should be written above the door, for the glory has departed?

You see, when my glory fills a church you are going to have things happen reminiscent to what took place in Acts chapter two. For was not my glory released through my Holy Spirit? And yet church after church after church never experiences my glory; they barely get some people to commit their lives to my Son Jesus Christ. And I would have you know this: (that) many of the salvations that you hear about are not genuine salvations; they are nothing more than an emotional decision birthed out of guilt. And there are a lot of the people in the churches today who truly believe they are born again, but they are not and they are destined for Hell.

It has taken centuries for me to be able to get the church to the point to where they could once again begin to move in the revelation of my glory and my truth. For remember… listen closely to these words, for if you do, you are going to understand a lot about the current condition of the church; go back and read with great intensity everything my Son said in the four Gospels. Read closely what He said. For when it came to Him speaking about what would cause His followers to understand truth, He said that would be a result of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. For did He not say that the Holy Spirit would lead and guide you into all truth and teach you all things? He did not say "read my word;" He said, the Holy Spirit. And the reason He said that was because simply reading my word is not enough. For there are many churches that read my word, the pastors read my word, and yet they preach conflicting doctrines. If the Holy Spirit were leading and guiding them into the truth of my word they would not be preaching conflicting doctrines.

You must see this and you must understand this. My Son said, the One you have accepted as Savior, as Lord; my Son said that the Holy Spirit would be sent to teach you all things and to guide you into all truth.

On the Day of Pentecost, what was it that drew the masses to hear the preaching of my servant Peter? It was not the cloven tongues as of fire; but the thing that caught their attention were the tongues. And then Peter stood up and preached and thousands were genuinely won to my Son Jesus.

Not only was this documented in my word, but at the same time this was also documented by your enemy. And he made an association that day between tongues and revival. And from that day forward he began fighting against tongues. This is one of the reasons (why) when Paul went to Ephesus and he found believers and they said they had not even heard of the Holy Ghost.

And now, centuries later, you have entered into an era, a generation; you are living in this generation; where the ministry of the Holy Spirit is being restored in fullness like never before since the Book of Acts. Think closely of this; Satan has fought so, so very hard not just to keep the gospel out of people's ears but also to keep people from understanding about the ministry of the Holy Spirit and what praying in tongues would do for them. And you are living in the generation when the ministry of the Holy Spirit is again being taught in my church.

In your terms, you would say that this has been a lost art for centuries. And as far as the overall condition of the church is concerned, you are right. But it is being restored now; not just in this country, but around the world. That understanding is being restored.

And here is what is happening: the more of my children that will yield to the ministry of the Holy Spirit and will pray in tongues, and make that kind of prayer a lifestyle, they are following the pattern of the apostles in the New Testament; for how do you think they received the revelation that I gave to them that became my Holy Word?

Those of you who will do this, that will apply this teaching, you are following in the footsteps of the apostles. You will not receive new revelation or new scripture, but what you will receive is the complete understanding of the revelation that I gave to the apostles that became scripture.

And as this happens, as you continue to pray in tongues, all throughout this world those who will hear and receive this message and apply it to their lives, there is going to be an anointing continue to rise up on the inside of them; for my servant John wrote about this is First John; he said that it is an anointing that abides within you, and it is a result of the Holy Spirit.

Those of you who have been filled with the Holy Spirit and received that evidence of speaking with tongues, that anointing has been deposited on the inside of you because it is a ministry of the Holy Spirit to release it. And the more that you begin to pray in tongues is the more that anointing will rise up, it will build up, and it will be released through you. As it is released, it will become like a rushing, mighty wind in the realm of the spirit. It will become like mighty waves of glory, like the seas crashing upon the shore. And it is going to begin to sweep through my church.

And hear me now what I say: you are approaching the time when there is going to be conflict within my church [a civil war] like that which you have never seen in your lives. It is going to get, as you would say, very ugly, and it is going to be centered around the truth that is released by the glory of the Holy Spirit as my children pray in tongues. For as you pray in tongues, you are not understanding the fullness of your words, but what is happening is, as you open your mouth and you begin to release those words, you are literally releasing glory just as I did in Genesis chapter one when I spoke and my glory was released and creation came into being.

And as you pray in tongues this glory is being released and it is increasing in this world. And this glory released is going to come in direct conflict with all of the garbage that I have listened to from pulpits for centuries.

I am angry; angry over all of those that I have called who have abused that calling and preached things that I never intended for my church to hear. But I am also rejoicing greatly on my throne this very hour because there are so many that are capturing this ministry of my Holy Spirit and they are praying in tongues and this glory is being released.

The conflict that you have seen so far pales in comparison to what is coming. It is going to get very bad. But I say unto you, the glory that is being released is also going to bring about a type of pre-judgment. For you see, I prefer to judge now in a way to bring people to repentance so that their doctrine and their error is corrected, than to wait until they stand before me on that day of eternity.

I say to you, be prepared; be prepared to be criticized, be prepared to be spoken against. And for those of you that hear this that are in churches where there is not an emphasis on this ministry of the Holy Spirit, and you have been there long enough to realize that your leadership is not going to lead in this direction, I speak to you from my throne and I call you out. You are wasting your time.

Get out of those churches that I am not anointing with mighty glory and mighty power. Come out of them, for in my word I have said, "Come ye out from among them," and you have interpreted this to mean only to separate yourselves from intense fellowship with the lost. But I say, get away from those shepherds who are not feeding you from my pasture and my table. Get out now! If you do not heed my warning, you will stand in judgment, an equal judgment with the pastors who are preaching the error.

For I am speaking to you out of my love for you. You do not understand how your spirits are soiled by all of this wrong doctrine. You do not understand what I see. I love you so much; I love you so much that I gave you the Holy Spirit to work this work in your life.

But I say unto you, if you will follow my words and heed what I am saying to you, and come out of those churches that are not teaching what I have ordained to be taught; come out now, do not let the pressure of friendships and positions of responsibility hold you back, come out now I say; if you will do this and if you will begin to pray in tongues, you are going to experience my presence in your life in a way you have never known.

You have wondered what it was like for the apostles to walk in close fellowship with me. I say to you, let the Holy Spirit minister through you, pray in tongues, and you will find out what it was like to have that kind of fellowship. For do you think that I honored them above you? Do you think I used them in a way that I don't want to use you? I will not use you to write scripture, but I will use you to release my glory into this world.

The days are short; you do not know how short the days are. And this time of conflict has to come; for you see, I want to give my church the opportunity to make things right now. It is not my will for there to be conflict and strife within my church; but this is a form of judgment to try and bring about correction. Look throughout my word: have I not always brought correction through my apostles and prophets? Even in the Old Testament, the prophets were used to bring correction. This is how I work.

Please take heed to my words. I want you to know my glory. I want you to know my love. I want you to know my presence. I want my power to flow through your hands. I want you to represent me. But it is so critical that you get on the path that my Son has established.

And know this: I am here to heal, deliver and set free. I am here to help you along the way. I am here to see to it that you experience everything I have said in my word that you can experience. So do not dismiss these words; take heed to what I have said. Let my Holy Spirit work a mighty work in you; let Him fellowship with you intimately on a spiritual level and you will change from glory to glory to the point that you are the perfect reflection of my Son Jesus.

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For I have handed the upcoming election into the hands of my church. Hear Me now and hear Me well: the lost will not determine your next President; the body of Christ is in control. But you must know this: if the wrong individual is elected it is because the body of Christ will have voted and put this man in.

If this happens, every Christian who has cast a vote for that individual will be held accountable for the sins of that individual [that he commits as a result of having the power and authority of the Presidency]. You will be held accountable for the apostasy that will come across this nation. You will be held accountable for the ungodly laws that are passed. You will be held accountable for the sin that rises up. You will be held accountable, for I have handed this election over to My church.

Hear Me now: there are those of you who listen to these words and believe that victory is at hand. This is not so. You are looking at defeat. You are looking at the worst four years in the history of this nation if you do not rise up as My church and vote according to My word. I have taken note of those in My church who are standing in favor of abortion and homosexual rights and the other sins that I have identified in My word as an abomination unto Me. For you see, when you as My children vote for an individual who supports these abominations you are guilty of those abominations, for you have voted to make those things legal in this nation.

If the wrong person is elected, those in My church who have voted for this person will have the blood of the people who die in this nation on their hands, the ones who die as a result of the sin that will be released in this country. I do not take this lightly for I have said in My word that when the righteous rule the people rejoice, and if the wrong person is elected there will be days of no rejoicing.

There is a mighty spirit of confusion trying very hard to draw the body of Christ in the wrong direction. Many of those that I have called to preach and to minister My word have risen up and supported sin, (yet) they do not see it as this. Many have embraced the concept of change, believing it will be better. You do not understand, for I warned you nearly one year ago that this was coming and I told you to watch out because the voice of the deceiver would be very smooth and would cause people to want to listen. You do not understand.

You hear what sounds to be a positive voice speaking of positive change. You do not understand; it is not positive change, it is an "abomination change". You must listen to Me! Do you not remember from My word how that Israel cried out for a king and I gave them the best one that I could find and he still he led that nation toward downfall? He could have been a great king but he turned his heart from me and he died.

Listen to Me. Too many are voting because they think this country needs a new direction. This country needs My Son Jesus and if you do not vote in the direction of the one who is not in favor of abomination then you are voting in the direction of Satan himself. There are many who will here this and will not like it and will take issue because, you see, many in My church are blinded, severely blinded, by the whole concept of social injustice, social change, social progress, social inequities.

Listen to what you are saying. These are the things of man. Does not my word point in the direction of spiritual progress and spiritual change? Why are you focusing upon the natural? Those of you who are doing this, you must understand you are deceived. You say we have no godly candidates. What are you looking at? Are you looking at My word? Are you on your knees in prayer? The nation of Israel had no idea that a man like David was waiting in the wings; a man that I had already anointed. All they saw was what was happening with Saul. And yet, before Saul ever died, before the nation of Israel ever saw their king die, I had already anointed another man to take his place.

I have given you example after example in My word of what I can do. You need to pray. You must pray! Does not my word say that you have a responsibility to pray for your leaders? You need to understand those who are running for election are already in a place of leadership. You should be praying for them.

Do not make the mistake that so many Christians made when Bill Clinton was your President. Many of you do not realize this, but the constant criticism of that man while he was the President helped open the door for more sin to be released because you spoke the things of the enemy out of your mouth, not the things of My word. Had you spoken My life in that man's direction, had you spoken My word in that man's direction, had you prayed for him the way My word instructs, there are many things that happened in this country that would not have happened. But you released it through the power of your tongue and yet My church is oblivious to these things.

Every election you hear people tell you that it is the most critical election in the history of this country. In this case, it is. And so again I say to you, you have a responsibility to pray for your leaders, including those who are running for election. Stop criticizing. Stop releasing those foul things out of your mouth and start praying and interceding. And do not forget this election has been placed in the hands of My church. Whoever is elected, My church is responsible and My church will answer to Me. Take these words to heart; for on the day that you stand before Me, this is part of what you will be held accountable for. I love you. I love you dearly. If I did not, I would not share these things with you and give you this warning. I am your Father and I am concerned about the direction that you and this nation are taking. But I say unto you, if you will bow your knee to Me and cast your vote according to My word, righteousness can be restored. I love you and I am here to help you but you must make the decision, says the Lord.

May His grace fill your life!



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